Contentfly is now Draft!

The next chapter of our story, so we can keep telling yours.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

When our founders started Contentfly—armed with just a spreadsheet, a webform, and an idea—they hoped to make it easier to create quality content faster; content on the fly

Four years later, our writer marketplace and content tools go well beyond speedy, agile content. Our customers generate content ideas, plan and create content briefs, implement SEO keyword strategies and, yes, get drafts of almost any kind of written content imaginable delivered in days. From long-form blogs and whitepapers to short-form social and ad copy, no request is too big or small.

Our transition to Draft represents this evolution in our offering as well as our ethos. We’re not just for content on the fly. We’re building the content infrastructure of the future.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Enter a few details and, like magic, you get great content. That’s what Draft is about, plain and simple.

Seasoned content marketers know that finding, training, managing, and retaining writers is rarely that easy. Not to mention the overhead of actually ideating and producing content once the right writers are in place. That’s why our teams, from engineering to customer success, live and breathe content. 

For the rebrand, we aimed to reflect that passion by bringing magic, lightness, and joy to the content creation workflow.

For us, a big part of that magic stems from the technology we build that ties our writers, our customers, and their content together—like our matching algorithm which finds the best writer for your specific brief. That magic carries from our products and features to the new Draft brand through prismatic colors and gradients that allude to the ethereal, creative, emotional nature of the written word.

Like the joy customers feel when they learn something new from your content, we believe it should be a joy to create that content in the first place. Part of that joy comes from the electricity of taking a fresh pen to a blank page. That’s why we built elements throughout the Draft brand that nod to the pleasure that comes from writing IRL. From paper-like textures and highlighter effects across our website to the calligraphic ink splotch on our wordmark, the tactile is made digital. 

If you couldn’t tell, our obsession with content has only grown since our founding. And we’re still laser-focused on building the future of content marketing and SEO.

We’re excited for the opportunities this brand evolution opens up for us, our customers, our agency partners, and our writers. Here’s to our next draft and yours!

Draft pairs AI with professional human writers to deliver fast, quality content. Get started risk-free with our 4,000-word, money-back guarantee. 

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Quality content on demand

Draft pairs AI with professional writers to help you create great content faster. 

Get started risk-free with our 4,000-word, money-back guarantee.