Employee Spotlight: Gianna Crivelli, Marketplace Project Coordinator

Our People team had the pleasure of sitting down with Gianna Crivelli, Marketplace Project Coordinator, to hear a bit about her and her role at Draft.

Gianna Crivelli

Q: So, tell me what do you do here at Draft?
Gianna: I am on the Operations team as a Marketplace Operations Coordinator. Day to day, I oversee marketplace conditions and provide web support to customers (writers) and other users. 

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Draft?
Gianna: My favorite part is the people I work with. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Working with people from different backgrounds has been really great, as well. Everyone is really knowledgeable and collaborative, so every time we work together, it’s so easy to achieve my goals. I noticed this at our retreat, everyone naturally got along so well, it was really cool to see.

Q: What has been your experience working at Draft so far?
Gianna:  I have learned a lot working at Draft and feel like I continue to learn every day really. I appreciate that the most and am glad that there is also always something I don’t know. It helps me grow professionally and is very memorable. 

Q: What advice do you have for prospective candidates?
Gianna: If you like every day being different and always getting to try new things, this is a great place to be! If you want to be in a creative space with an environment that listens, this is for you. I always feel heard and acknowledged, it is very empowering.

Q: What is it about you that most folks don’t know?

Gianna: I played soccer in Italy. It was called the San Marino Cup. We lost in the championship round but it was a really unique and fun experience.

Q: What is your favorite location you’ve travelled to?
Gianna: Crete – I went on a one week solo trip when I studied abroad. I rented a vespa and gave myself a mini tour since the Island is small. It was a great experience.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Gianna: Learning Italian. I am Italian, and my Nona doesn’t speak English, so Italian is something I try to learn and keep up with! I have a call everyday with my Nona which is nice to have the time to chat and work on my Italian. 

Q: What did you want to be when growing up?
Gianna: I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian – I like dogs better than people! I used to say this from a very young age and it’s still true. 

Q: If you could have dinner with one fictional character who would it be?
Gianna: Thor! It would be cool to meet a mythical god. In school, it’s common to learn about Greek mythology, etc. But norse mythology is never really touched on – which I find extremely interesting. I would have a lot of questions for Thor!

Q: What is your favorite movie or book?
Gianna: My favorite book is Fuzz by Mary Roach. She’s an investigated science reporter. This book is about how much space humans take up on earth and the complications that surround it involving humans. I definitely recommend reading it!

Q: What is one thing that you can’t live without?
Gianna: Definitely the ocean. I grew up on the Jersey Shore so it’s something I’ve always loved being near. I definitely need to always be within 3 hours of a body of water.  

Q: What are your hacks for remote working?
Gianna: Midday walks no matter the weather, this helps clear my head and remain fresh to tackle the day. Sunlight always makes the day better!

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