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Our streamlined briefs and content management features let you request content in minutes, not hours, and get your content in days, not weeks.

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Unlimited clients

Don’t get charged for your success. We let you onboard as many clients as you need to collaborate with. No extra fees or surprise charges.

Flexible billing

Whether you need separate invoices and a plan for every client or a single payment method, our billing adjusts to meet your needs.

Simple integrations

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do your job. We make it easy to connect Draft to all your favorite tools with our simple API and Zapier integrations.

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“Thanks to Draft, we've been able to validate certain strategies that provided great keyword indexation and traffic to our clients."

Christian Velitchkov CEO @ Twiz Media
USD 0.10 /word

A blog post of 1,000 words will cost you USD 100. Back to you in 5 days

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“What I appreciate the most about Draft is all the research they provide for the content they produce.”

JR Farr CEO @ Weav Agency

What's included?

• Research
• Royalty-free images
• Unlimited revisions
• Live-chat support

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Agency FAQ

What is the new Agency mode

Agency Mode allows agencies to add individual clients, manage their content requests, and even build specialized writing teams to cater to each client's unique needs. Agency allows billing to be done at the individual client level, or shared from a common quota managed by the agency.

How can Draft's Agency Mode help me scale my content creation efforts?

Scaling is at the heart of our Agency Mode. By enabling you to create custom, fractional writing teams for each client, we ensure that your content needs can grow seamlessly alongside your agency. The platform is designed to manage a high volume of content requests, ensuring your agency can meet any client demand, no matter how large.

How do you guarantee the quality of the content?

At Draft, we take quality control seriously. We only recruit skilled writers from North America, each thoroughly vetted and trained to maintain a consistent, high-quality output. Additionally, our platform includes built-in review and revision mechanisms, allowing you to request edits until the content meets your standards. All our writer's maintain at least a 4.8/5 rating on the platform.

I already have several content requests in process. Will it be disruptive to shift to Draft's platform

Transitioning to Draft is a breeze. With our robust Zapier integration, you can effortlessly connect Draft to your existing apps and services, enabling a seamless transfer of projects and content requests.

Where are your writers from?

Our team of professional writers are based in North America. They bring a wide range of industry-specific knowledge, writing expertise, and an inherent understanding of Western markets and SEO practices. We also have writers from UK, AUS/NZ, and South Africa.

What additional tools does Draft offer to enhance content creation?

Beyond quality writers and efficient content management, we offer powerful tools to streamline your content creation flow. Draft's AI powered idea generators and brief builders which can spark creativity, provide structured guidelines, and set your content up for SEO success.

Will I have control over which writers work on my clients' projects

Yes, the Agency Mode allows you to build custom writing teams for each client. This means you can handpick writers based on their expertise, ensuring they're a perfect match for your client's industry and content needs.

How does Draft handle scaling and high-volume content requests?

We're designed to grow with your agency. Our platform can manage an extensive range of content requests, and our pool of writers is equipped to deliver quality content at scale. With our Agency Mode, you can efficiently delegate tasks, ensuring prompt delivery regardless of volume.

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