Email Sequence for Moonlit Brews

Email 1: The Introduction

Subject Line

Introducing: The Starry Night Selections – Your Evening Elixir Awaits

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Soothing. Sensual. Serene. We can’t wait for you to try our new selection of teas.

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Dear [first name],

We at Moonlit Brews are excited to share our brand new collection of teas, lovingly created to delight and soothe the senses. The Starry Night Selections are the perfect way to wrap up a long day and settle into a state of relaxation and calm.

We crafted these exquisite tea blends with the wisdom of Mother Nature in mind. Delicious, aromatic ingredients like chamomile, lavender, rose, and spearmint come together in harmony to fill you with a sense of peace and tranquility.

As the sun sets on the horizon, there’s no better cure for stress than to curl up on the couch holding a warm cup of herbal tea. Take a sip of our Starry Night Selections and let your senses be captivated by their delicious flavors and aromas.

Whether you’re winding down from your busy day with some much-needed me-time, or sharing a conversation with your loved ones, the Starry Night Selections are made to accompany you on your evening journey.

CTA: Discover the Starry Night Selections

Here’s a little secret we want to let you in on: in our next email, we’ll share a special offer that will make you smile.

Until then, we wish you warm moonlit evenings filled with wonder.

Yours truly,

The Moonlit Brews Team


Email 2: The Offer

Subject Line

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star... A Special Offer Shines from Afar!

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Open up this email for a special offer on our newest, dreamiest tea collection.

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Dear [first name],

As the sun goes down and the moon comes up, we want to ensure your evening is filled with gentle wonder and serenity. That’s why we’re adding a sprinkle of stardust to your night with a special 10% discount on our exquisite new Starry Night Selections.

The celestial selections of herbs we chose for these special teas will caress your senses like a warm embrace. Soothing, aromatic, and flavorful, these blends are lovingly designed to ease you into relaxation like a soft lullaby.

We listened to Mother Nature’s wisdom to craft our Starry Night Selections from garden herbs with powerfully therapeutic benefits:

●      Chamomile reduces stress levels and guides you into a peaceful state of contentment

●      Lavender helps ease anxiety and improves your quality of sleep

●      Spearmint relaxes your body and helps you breathe a gentle sigh of relief

●      Rose petals promote a positive mood and soothe your body, mind, and spirit

We warmly invite you to take advantage of our exclusive limited-time offer: a 10% discount on our Starry Night Selections. Simply use the code “STARRY10” at checkout for this special gift from us to you.

CTA: Claim Your Starry Discount Now

Rest easy. Curl up with a warm cup of fragrant herbal tea and let your senses be swept away. We consciously crafted our teas with biodegradable sachets and peaceful moonlit landscape artwork to ease you into a restful night.

Wishing you peace and tranquility,

The Team at Moonlit Brews.


Email 3: The Last Call

Subject Line

Last Chance to Dance under the Starry Night

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Don’t miss out on your limited-time discount!

Main Text

Dear [first name],

The soft sweetness of night only lasts for a time, and your special offer for our exquisite Starry Night Selections tea blends is about to fade away.

This limited-time discount with the code “STARRY10” has tea lovers enchanted. Here’s what people are saying about our Starry Nights Selections:

“Every sip soothes my soul.” – Emily J.
 “I love the gentle flavors and fragrant smells of these teas.” – Alex M.
 “Just the relaxation I need after a long day.” –Mia C.

CTA: Embrace Serene Nights Before the Offer Fades

Don’t miss this opportunity to sip and savor our delightful new collection of teas. Claim your special discount before it fades like the stars in the night sky.

Wishing you restful relaxation,

The Moonlit Brews Team.

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