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Adopting sustainable office practices doesn’t just reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

It also helps with employee recruiting and retention (70% of employees say that sustainability programs make an employer more appealing) and contributes to a better brand image and increased profitability (75% of consumers say they’ll pay more to support a sustainable business).

Investing in high-quality, eco-friendly office equipment is an easy way to show that you care about the planet. Keep in mind, too, that you don’t have to sacrifice style when committing to a more sustainable office.

With supplies like NaturaLeaf’s Bamboo Desk Organizer, Recycled Paper Notepads, and Solar-Powered Calculator, you and your staff can stay productive with attractive and functional pieces.

The Bamboo Desk Organizer, made from one of the world’s most sustainable resources, is perfect for separating important items, from pens and highlighters to that ever-elusive tube of lip balm.

Our Recycled Paper Notepads lets you take notes the old-fashioned way without guilt about wasting paper, and our Solar-Powered Calculator helps you solve complex problems without sending old batteries to landfills.

NaturaLeaf is committed to providing high-quality and sustainable products to help businesses like yours transition to more environmentally friendly practices. Check out our shop today!


With its streamlined design, our Bamboo Desk Organizer clears a cluttered desk instantly.

Interested in eco-friendly note-taking? Swap Post-its for eye-catching Recycled Paper Notepads.

While you’re at it, stop throwing away batteries and grab our sleek Solar-Powered Calculator.

Click the link in our bio to get your eco-friendly office supplies!


Small changes have big impacts -- especially when it comes to caring for the planet.

Looking for environmentally friendly swaps? Our Bamboo Desk Organizer, Recycled Paper Notepad, and Solar-Powered Calculator are the perfect additions to your desk.

Check them out on our site today!

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