FinManage Email Campaign

Email 1

Subject: Step into the Future with Our New Financial Reporting Feature

Dear [Customer's Name],

At FinManage, we're always on the move, evolving to enrich your financial management experience. Today, we're delighted to unveil a groundbreaking feature in our mobile app: instant financial reporting. Together with invoice generation and expense tracking capabilities, the newly added feature will offer a holistic solution to streamline your business's financial processes.

For small businesses like yours, time is invaluable. Our new feature empowers you to generate comprehensive financial reports with just a few taps. This streamlines your decision-making and saves those precious hours that could be better spent growing your business.

What sets us apart? While tools like QuickBooks and FreshBooks offer similar services, our mobile-first approach means you get immediate, on-the-go access. You can manage all your finances effortlessly in one consolidated space.

Why wait? Update your app now and elevate your financial management experience.

Email 2

Subject: Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Dear [Customer's Name],

Your trust in our offerings has always propelled us to innovate. The positive feedback we’ve received on our latest instant financial reporting feature is a testament to this. One of our beta testers, Samantha, a thriving small business owner, recently shared her experience with our new instant financial reporting feature:

“Never thought generating a financial report could be this smooth! With FinManage’s new feature, I could generate my monthly financial report during my coffee break! It's the kind of efficiency every business owner dreams of."

Samantha, Founder of Acme Inc

Samantha's story mirrors the very essence of our latest feature. We're handing back invaluable hours to entrepreneurs like you, ensuring your time is spent where it matters most: on your business's growth. With concise, efficient financial insights right at your fingertips, why wait to upgrade?

Update your app today and start reclaiming your time.

Email 3

Subject: Upgrade Now & Get Exclusive Benefits!

Hello [Customer Name],

Because every minute in business counts, we've innovated with our quick financial reporting feature to save you both time and effort. But we're not stopping there!

For a limited time, we’re offering a 20% discount on our premium subscription to those who update their app within the next 72 hours. It’s our way of celebrating efficiency and your commitment to business growth.

Imagine having streamlined financial reports at your fingertips anywhere, anytime, and now at an unbeatable price. The hours you save can be the difference between a good business decision and a great one. Step into the future of financial management, where convenience meets cost-efficiency.

Update now and claim your 20% off

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