The Global Legalization Of Cannabis: A Closer Look

Cannabis, commonly referred to as marijuana, weed, or pot, has gained increasing attention over the past few years. Its potential medicinal and recreational uses have triggered numerous debates and discussions worldwide. This article delves into the complex world of cannabis legalization, examining global perspectives, societal attitudes, and the economic implications of these shifting laws. The subject of cannabis legalization is not just an issue of societal acceptance, but also involves regulatory structures, health implications, economic opportunities, and criminal justice reforms.

The Context of Cannabis Use

Before embarking on our journey, it's crucial to acknowledge the prevalent use of cannabis worldwide. According to the United Nations, a staggering 147 million people use cannabis. The drug utilises its psychoactive properties both in controlled medicinal applications and recreational uses.

Cannabis is an integral part of various cultural and spiritual gatherings and its influence is undeniable. However, like all substances, cannabis isn't without its controversies. While many commend its medicinal properties and contribution to wellness and mental health therapies, others cite the adverse effects of recreational use, including addiction and health risks. There is a broad spectrum of viewpoints on cannabis. Some individuals view it as a harmless plant with numerous health benefits, while others see it as a dangerous and addictive drug. Undeniably, both statutory regulations and public opinion are evolving as more research is conducted into the health benefits and risks of cannabis use and as the public becomes more informed about these issues.

The American Perspective: Cannabis Policy in the USA

The USA exhibits a complex and varied approach towards cannabis use. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) survey revealed the United States as the leading per capita consumer of cannabis worldwide. The changing attitudes have resulted in the legalization of non-medical marijuana in 18 states, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Moreover, according to the National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIH), over 11.8 million young adults reported using marijuana in 2018, with the rates of men's usage surpassing women's. The trend shows an increasing inclination towards modern consumption methods, especially vaping among young adults. The acceptance of cannabis is further reflected in its representation in popular culture, with portrayals of cannabis use becoming increasingly common in movies, television shows, and music, which influence public perception.

The Legal Landscape in the USA

As of 2021, the following 18 states in the USA permit the use of marijuana for non-medical purposes:

1. Alaska

2. Arizona

3. California

4. Colorado

5. Connecticut

6. Illinois

7. Maine

8. Massachusetts

9. Michigan

10. Montana

11. Nevada

12. New Jersey

13. New Mexico

14. New York

15. Oregon

16. Vermont

17. Virginia

18. Washington

These states have both recreational and medical usage laws, with specific restrictions on the quantity for possession and home growth. Each of these states has developed its unique set of regulations surrounding cannabis use, including limitations on the amount one can possess and the parameters for legal sales and home cultivation. Informative campaigns to educate the public about responsible use are also part of these laws.

The European Lens: Cannabis Legality in Europe

Cannabis legality in Europe showcases a varied landscape. Despite the drug remains illegal in several parts, quite a few nations have legalized it for medicinal use and decriminalized recreational use. This ease has significantly reduced criminal charges for individuals possessing small amounts of cannabis. Europe sees a wide variety of laws, which range from total prohibition to decriminalization to legalization for medicinal use, reflecting the diverse societal and political views throughout the region.

These European countries have currently legalized medicinal marijuana:

  • Portugal

  • Ireland

  • United Kingdom

  • Germany

  • Netherlands

  • Belgium

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • Lithuania

  • Estonia

  • Poland

  • Czech Republic

  • Romania

  • Italy

  • Switzerland

  • North Macedonia

  • Greece

  • Cyprus

Cannabis is still illegal and considered a criminal offense in France, Hungary, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, and Belarus. Even within Europe, the landscape is far from uniform. In some countries, authorities adopt a more lenient view towards personal use, while others maintain rigorous enforcement of laws against use and possession.

Cannabis and Asia: A Complex Relation

Asia's stance towards cannabis is somewhat perplexing. Despite the high number of users, most Asian countries deem cannabis illegal. Interestingly, cannabis's origin traces back to Asia, barring South Korea and Thailand, which have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis. Thailand has also decriminalized recreational use. Unlike western countries, most Asian countries retain strict laws against cannabis possession and use. However, there are exceptions and changes on the horizon, as evidenced by Thailand's recent reforms and further potential changes in law in other places.

Africa and Cannabis: The Current Legal Standing

While no country in Africa fully legalizes marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, several have recognized its medicinal benefits. Countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Morocco, Rwanda, and Uganda have legalized medicinal marijuana to varying extents. Various African countries have been experimenting with cannabis laws, either loosening rules or examining potential reforms, primarily driven by the potential for economic benefits from a growing global market for legal cannabis and its byproducts.

Cannabis in Other Regions

The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa aren't the only continents revising their cannabis laws. Australia federally legalized medicinal marijuana and approval for low THC hemp for food products. Similarly, Canada has also legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, albeit with restrictions on its transportation. Both countries saw changes in their cannabis laws driven by changing public opinion, increasing acknowledgment of the potential medicinal benefits, and the potential economic benefits of developing a legal cannabis industry.

Myriad Views on Cannabis and Its Medical Benefits

The societal views on cannabis are diverse, with some lauding its medicinal benefits, while others critiquing its addictive nature and impact on recreational use. Regardless of these contrasting views, there's burgeoning scientific evidence suggesting cannabis's beneficial medicinal uses, from pain relief and seizure control to tackling conditions like Parkinson's and Glaucoma. Many advocates for legalization point towards its potential use in treating a wide variety of health conditions, while critics express concerns about potential risks and adverse side effects, particularly surrounding long-term use and the potential for addiction.

Wrapping It Up

The global perception of cannabis has been shifting steadily. With about 2.5% of the global population having used it at least once, many countries are redefining their cannabis laws. While avoiding the pitfalls of recreational use, there's a drive towards understanding and benefiting from the medicinal properties of cannabis. With ongoing research discovering new potential benefits and various countries and states altering their laws, the way towards better understanding and regulation of cannabis is continually evolving.


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