The USA Content Writing Scene: Leading Services & What They Offer

October 6, 2023


John Thomas

Explore leading US content writing services that power brand engagement and enhance online visibility. Discover their unique offerings and quality of deliverables. Dive in to learn more!

As brands vie for consumer attention in today’s digital landscape, content marketing has emerged as the champion of engagement. According to HubSpot research, 70% of companies have integrated content marketing into their strategies to enhance their brand presence. This strategy isn't just a trend; it’s showing results.

A survey from the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 88% of marketers have successfully enhanced brand awareness and cemented trust and credibility via content strategies. Reflecting this upswing, the demand for content writing services in the USA and elsewhere is increasing. The global content marketing market is predicted to balloon by $584.02 billion between 2023 and 2027, expanding at a steady CAGR of 16.37%.

As the demand for top-notch content writing services in USA continues to soar, this article aims to illuminate the leading players in the domain. We explore their unique offerings, their target audience, and the quality of the content they deliver.


As one of the best content writing services in the USA, Draft offers quality, on-demand content to the world’s best brands. This content writing service provider has been powering content for brands like Webflow, Opencare, Hopin, Zapier, and Logitech. Draft caters to a wide range of content needs, offering an unparalleled experience backed by cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals.

Unique Selling Points

●      On-demand quality content: Draft ensures that businesses receive top-tier content quickly by connecting them to a vetted writer within a day.

●      Streamlined ordering: Within just 5 minutes, clients can submit content requests, either using Draft's intuitive brief builder or by uploading their own. Plus, with Draft's Zapier integration, you can place orders from platforms like Asana or Monday.

●      A collaborative environment: Once paired, clients can communicate with their assigned writer using the in-app messaging tool, ensuring all content nuances are addressed.

●      Revisions on the go: With Draft, you will receive publish-ready content by the assured deadline. Should you need any edits, Draft guarantees free revisions and rewrites, all managed effortlessly through their app.

●      AI-enhanced workflow: Draft offers AI-driven tools, free of charge, to assist in content idea generation, brief creation, and even article outlining.

Target Audience

Draft caters to small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large-scale enterprises looking for diverse written content. Whether it's engaging blog posts, concise social media captions, compelling web page copies, or persuasive marketing emails, Draft's extensive pool of writers is equipped to handle it all. Having served over 16,000 satisfied customers, their reach in the content market is vast and varied.

Quality of Content

Draft's commitment to quality is unwavering. Their confidence is reflected in the money-back guarantee they offer for the initial 4,000 words. Plus, with the provision of free rewrites and revisions, clients are always ensured top-quality content.

A testament to their excellence is the impressive 4.8/5 content quality rating on their platform. Every writer on Draft is not only rigorously screened but also boasts an average customer rating of 4.8 stars and an infrequent rewrite rate of less than 1%.


Contently is a high-rated content marketing platform that works with eminent brands such as American Express, Marriott, and Dell Technologies. The platform sets itself apart from other content writing platforms by pairing you with suitable writers and offering software to oversee your entire content marketing process. It's especially well-suited for enterprises that have intricate content requirements.

 Unique Selling Points

Trifecta of excellence: At the core of Contently's unmatched content solutions are three cardinal pillars: state-of-the-art technology, a well-crafted content strategy, and unparalleled talent. This harmonious amalgamation empowers brands to craft content that not only captivates but also achieves tangible results.

Strategized content expertise: Contently guides brands with insights on areas like the best content formats, effective channels, and the perfect voice and tone to resonate with their audience.

Access to a wide pool of writers: Contently allows you to dive into a boundless sea of creativity, accessing over 160,000 writers, filmmakers, designers, and editors from esteemed publications like Wired, The New York Times, and Popular Science.

AI-powered excellence: Contently's AI refines content, focusing on SEO optimization, voice and tone consistency, plagiarism checks, brand adherence, and much more.

Target Audience

Contently tailors its offerings to brands yearning for premier marketing content. The spectrum of their clientele ranges from consumer goods companies to specialized financial services and even sectors as intricate as pharmaceutical research and technical security.

Quality of Content

Contently boasts a 5-star accolade on G2, which crowns it as the best content marketing platform. A dedicated team of industry-leading managing editors, multimedia project managers, and various editorial mavens steward the platform's lofty standards, ensuring each project is executed flawlessly.


ContentWriters is a full-service agency offering content writing services in the USA. The platform offers clients unparalleled access to seasoned and rigorously vetted content writers. Respected brands such as Expedia, Legal Zoom, and Questex have placed their trust in this remarkable platform, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality.

Unique Selling Points

●      Handpicked professionals: Only the finest writers, vetted and chosen for their prowess, make it to ContentWriters' esteemed roster.

●      Comprehensive editing and proofreading: The platform offers robust editing and proofreading services to ensure each piece resonates with perfection.

●      Seamless and scalable: With its streamlined platform, scalability becomes effortless, accommodating projects of varying magnitudes.

●      Industry-specific expertise: Whether it's automotive, finance, or sports, ContentWriters boasts writers with deep-seated knowledge across diverse industries.

●      All-inclusive revisions: ContentWriters believes in complete client satisfaction. As a result, revisions come as a standard feature, ensuring every piece meets the client's vision.

Target Audience

ContentWriter targets various industries, including automotive, finance, medical, and tech, among many others. The platform collaborates with agencies, aiding them in their content and copywriting ventures for clients. Their versatility extends to partnering with digital publishers and curating content tailored to specific sites.

ContentWriter also targets e-commerce businesses to assist them in crafting enticing product descriptions, web pages, and more. It also works hand-in-hand with brands to emulate their unique tone and voice in custom content.

Quality of Content

The endorsements don't lie—ContentWriters enjoys a stream of positive reviews from its clientele. The platform also offers unlimited revisions until you attain absolute content satisfaction. A prime showcase of their efficacy is evident in their collaboration with Points Group Agency, which propelled a 14% traffic surge for healthcare clients.


Verblio content writing services combine human creativity and the precision of artificial intelligence to supercharge clients’ SEO initiatives. This ingenious platform delivers ready-to-publish content at an accelerated pace, thanks to its integrated AI.

Unique Selling Points

●      Professionally-trained, U.S.-based writers and editors: All writers and editors are U.S.-based, ensuring content resonates with local flavor and professionalism.

●      A decade of mastery: With ten years of content creation under their belt, Verblio brings a wealth of experience to the table.

●      Versatility in content: Be it blog posts, press releases, web page copies, or extensive projects like white papers and e-books, Verblio's expertise spans the entire content spectrum.

●      Effortless request process: With a user-friendly platform, placing content briefs is a breeze. A few data fields later, an outline is instantly crafted, which clients can modify to their preference. From there, Verblio takes the reins, delivering the content via Google Docs.

Target Audience

Verblio caters to various agencies, such as those in digital marketing, SEO, PR, or advertising. The platform also serves in-house marketers and publishers across diverse sectors, including health and beauty, cannabis, construction, e-commerce, and the pet industry.

Quality of Content

Merging the brilliance of human minds with the finesse of AI, Verblio ensures each content piece is of superior quality. This commitment to excellence is reflected in their impressive average article star rating of 4.63.

Express Writers

Express Writers is a full-service agency committed to revolutionizing content delivery. With them, you'll witness publish-ready content crafted in 75% less time. Their extensive content repertoire includes expert blogs, authoritative articles, web pages, white papers, social media content, email marketing copies, and much more, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all content needs.

Unique Selling Points

●      Talented writers: Express Writers has a rigorous selection process, such that only 2% of all applications find a place on the writers’ team. This ensures that you are always paired with subject matter experts, guaranteeing precision and authority in every piece.

●      Punctuality at its best: With Express Writers, delays are a thing of the past, as they boast an impressive 99.5% on-time delivery rate.

●      Scalability at its Core: Whether it's a single blog post or an extensive content campaign, Express Writers' scalability ensures you're covered. The platform’s priority is your brand's image and authority, so they offer adaptable solutions.

●      Transparent pricing: Express Writers keeps things straightforward and transparent, allowing clients to easily navigate the content shop, check out prices, and place orders with utmost ease.

Target Audience

Express Writers is the go-to platform for agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs spanning a plethora of industries. The adaptability and vast expertise of writers on this platform ensure they cater to diverse audiences with precision.

Quality of Content

While numerical ratings are absent, the proof of Express Writers' unmatched quality lies in their clientele base. The platform works with esteemed clients like BuzzSumo, Jotform, and Nordstrom. Express Writers also has various glowing reviews on their platform, which speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment to content quality.


WriterAccess simplifies content creation by connecting clients with an exceptional roster of over 15,000 freelance writers. This platform champions the perfect blend of artificial intelligence's efficiency and human creativity's nuance to create comprehensive content. From captivating writing to striking illustrations, WriterAccess is revolutionizing how businesses approach content.

Unique Selling Points

●      All-star ensemble: WriterAccess provides a one-stop solution, allowing clients to instantly access top-tier, star-rated professionals—from writers and editors to designers, illustrators, and beyond.

●      Versatility in orders: Whatever your content needs are, be it blogs, social media posts, web pages, illustrations, or even animations, WriterAccess ensures your specifications are met with precision.

●      Tailored talent search: WriterAccess makes finding the perfect freelancer easier. With various search criteria like specialty, expertise, industry, or location, you can pinpoint the exact talent that resonates with your vision.

Target Audience

WriterAccess targets all businesses and agencies looking for high-quality content and wishing to elevate their brand narrative. The platform connects these audiences to writers who can curate content that helps them stand out online.

Quality of Content

When a platform promises that if you're "not delighted, you don't pay," it's evident they're confident in their deliverables. WriterAccess boasts a 99.99% approval rate on a vast 2.5 million projects delivered to a client base of over 40,000. The sheer volume of applause and commendations is a testament to their commitment to quality.


Scripted is one of the content writing services in USA that stands out for deftly combining the innovation of AI with the nuance of human expertise. Having collaborated with industry giants like Adidas, L’Oréal, and IBM, the platform has established its stronghold in the content creation landscape. Whether it's blog posts, web pages, content refinements, or eBooks, Scripted has got you covered.

Unique Selling Points

●      AI-driven approach: Beyond traditional content creation, Scripted brings the AI advantage for content optimization, generating catchy headlines, or diving deep into keyword research.

●      Smart content briefing: The platform is revolutionizing the conventional briefing process with a ChatGPT-powered assistant. It allows clients to craft expert briefs, ensuring that writers grasp their vision and translate it into compelling content.

●      Top-tier writers: With a rigorous vetting process, Scripted guarantees you industry-specific writers with proven expertise.

Target Audience

Scripted serves large enterprises seeking a holistic content solution. The content writing services provider also targets agencies looking for customized content that aligns with each client's unique requirements, driving tangible results. Other target audiences include media publishers juggling a whirlwind of assignments and stringent deadlines, and small and medium businesses in over 50 industries.

Quality of Content

Scripted collaborates with expert writers and has a steadfast commitment to excellence. This ensures that every piece of content is backed by a 100% quality guarantee. You only pay when the content resonates with your vision.

Choose the Best Content Writing Services in the USA

In today's digital-dominated era, content marketing is the beating heart of online visibility and brand recognition. As businesses pivot to capture global audiences, the demand for premier content writing services in the USA will continue growing. These are just a few of the content writing services in USA that are shaping narratives as the quest for compelling content intensifies.

If you’re looking for a content writing service provider to help you stand out, Draft should be your prime destination. When you choose, you entrust your brand's story to our top-tier, vetted writers who are committed to crafting content that resonates with your audience. Get started today to elevate your brand's voice with content that speaks volumes.

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