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“Draft has been one of the most humble, inclusive, and fun content writing experiences I've had. The work is flexible, & 99% of clients are great.”

Jennifer G. Copywriter

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"I've enjoyed my experience because I get to write for a diverse range of clients and get paid a viable rate. The support team is highly responsive and flexible. They've empowered me to perform TONS of work and expand my knowledge base and skillset."

Dale N. Copywriter

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“I have been a content writer with Draft for almost two years, and my experience has been nothing but great! They quickly resolve any questions or concerns, and are very prompt with payments.”

Raisa M. Content Wrtier

"For years, I grappled with the uncertainty of timely payments, often finding myself chasing after clients. Draft has eliminated my financial anxieties, and allowed me to concentrate on my work.

Joseph T. Freelance Copywriter

"Freelancing with Draft is effortless, largely thanks to their proactive support team and the autonomy to fine-tune my workload. I have the flexibility to adapt my assignments based on my personal priorities."

Barbara S. Freelance Copywriter


Your most common questions about Draft, answered.

What does the process of writing for Draft look like?

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the Draft platform where you’ll be able to browse available writing jobs. Simply claim the job that interests you, and start writing!

You can use our in-app messaging tools to ask clarifying questions to the client and communicate with them throughout the process.

Once you are ready to submit your work, just upload it onto the platform. Your client will review your work, and let you know if further revisions or edits are needed.

If a client likes your work, they have the option to add you as a preferred writer. As a preferred writer, you’ll have priority access to all future requests from that client, which will help you build a regular, dedicated stream of work and income on the platform.

What are your rates?

We pay based on the number of words. Our standard payout rates start at USD $0.05 per word. Some high-priority jobs pay up to USD $0.10 per word.

How do I get paid as a writer?

You’ll get paid weekly via direct deposit into your bank account for the work you’ve delivered. Invoices are generated in your Draft account every week. It can take up to 2 business days after the invoice is generated for the payout to be deposited into your bank account.

How is Draft different from other writing platforms and agencies?

Draft eliminates a lot of the hassles associated with traditional freelancing and frees up your time to focus on what you enjoy the most – writing quality content. Here are some of the advantages of writing on Draft:

  • No need to worry about finding new clients or business. You’ll get work delivered to you every day.

  • No need to interview with clients, submit proposals or get on multiple calls. Just claim the jobs that interest you and start writing!

  • No waiting for client approval or chasing down multiple people to get paid. We’ll deposit payment into your bank account every week.

  • No minimum writing commitments. You get to be flexible with your workload and have the freedom to only pick the jobs that interest you.

  • Platform tools such Brief Builder, in-app messaging for seamless work and communication with clients

  • In-app support to resolve any technical, product or content related questions.

What kind of work can I expect to get on Draft?

Customers on our platform are typically businesses that need help with content. They can range from small business owners to large corporations, across a diverse set of industries. The most common types of content requests are:

  • Articles and blog posts

  • Website and landing page copy

  • Social media posts

  • Email copy

  • Ebooks and guides

  • White Papers

  • Service copy (product descriptions, etc)

What do I need to do to use Draft's platform?

When you sign up, we ask that you provide us with the best version of your writing background and skill set. This includes submitting a portfolio, writing samples, links to a personal blog or website, and any professional profiles, such as a LinkedIn page. If you don’t have any web pages to share, you can provide a link to a Google doc of your writing portfolio with sharing settings enabled to showcase your best writing.

Our best writers are committed to producing quality, original content that’s well researched and engaging.

At Draft, we look for writers who:

  • Have previous writing experience for business clients.

  • Have a passion for writing, take pride in their work, and consistently turn in high quality content.

  • Are capable of closely following client briefs and brand guidelines, communicating clearly with clients and respecting client deadlines.

  • Are able to perform research, proof-read, and edit their own work

How will my work be evaluated? Do I need to meet any particular standards or guidelines?

We place great emphasis on quality of writing and timeliness. Writers that produce high-quality work typically:

  1. Closely follow the client brief and adhere to the client’s brand guidelines.

  2. Create well-researched, original and engaging content. No one likes mindless blog-spam.

  3. Proof-read and edit their work to eliminate typographical and grammatical errors.

We encourage clients to rate every piece of work. We use client ratings along with our internal editorial review process to monitor and maintain quality standards.

As a writer, your average rating will determine your earnings opportunity. Writers with higher ratings receive priority access to jobs and have a higher earning potential compared to lower-rated writers.

We require all writers to maintain an average rating greater than 4.0, on a 1-5 ratings scale. Writers whose average ratings fall below 4.0 are not eligible to claim any new work on the platform.