How to find freelance writers for your business

July 28, 2023


John Thomas

Discover effective strategies to find, hire, and manage freelance writers for your business. Streamline your content creation process and maximize your team's productivity.

That’s why we compiled our list of best practices for finding and managing freelance content writers. 

Why hire freelance writers?

There are several advantages to working with freelance writers: 

  • Topic expertise: Many freelance writers are skilled in a particular type of writing or industry niche

  • Flexibility: Freelance writers have flexible work plans and can offer as much or as little work as you need. Businesses can also hire freelance talent from anywhere in the world.

  • Affordability: It costs significantly less to hire freelancer writers compared to a full-time, in-house writer.

Trusted platforms like Draft help you find the right writer while also taking care of every step of the content creation process, including sourcing, performance, revisions, and billing. Based on our experience, this step-by-step guide will help you find, hire, and manage the right freelance writers for your business.

Where to find freelance writers

Freelance writers are available for hire on writing websites. These websites offer top talent for hire. Listed below are some of the ‘go-to’ places for big and small businesses to consider for hiring top freelance writers:

1. Draft

The platform generates blog articles, newsletters, email copy, social media posts, landing pages, and other copywriting services for any business content – all within a given deadline and at affordable prices.

At Draft, all writers follow a style guide to create unique articles. For example, writers will perform headline analysis to ensure an above-average score, SEO tools, and plagiarism checks to ensure that all content ranks high. 

2. Contently

This high-rated content marketing platform creates content for some big brands. The focus here is on generating content strategies for content marketing. Experienced writers on the platform offer different rates depending on the project. 

Although it is ranked high and known for the value it provides, it may not be the most cost-effective solution for a lot of businesses.

3. Contena

This one is a job board for writers with a vast variety of writing services – blog posts, ebooks, web copy, etc. Writers are available for part-time or full-time work. It also spans fields from technology, education, wellness, finance, beauty, and other growing industries. It is a premium freelance writing website where writers pay a subscription fee. The platform offers learning resources and guidance for writers, assuring quality writing gigs for customers!

4.LinkedIn Pro Finder

Aptly defined as a marketplace for professional services. It offers quick and easy professional services across a variety of businesses – from writing, editing, designing, and marketing to business as well as legal consultations and more. 

This platform is reliable for its users to find the best independent professionals or freelancers in the locality.

5. Scripted

It is an online marketplace that connects writers with businesses to offer articles, blogs, and social media posts.

6. ProBlogger Job Board

Just as it is described, it connects bloggers and site owners with writers who can write for them. True to its name – best for blogs and bloggers.

7. Mediabistro

This one offers valuable resources for media professionals! It publishes a variety of blogs that analyze the mass media industry, including the film and publishing industries. In addition, it offers job listings, courses, and seminars for journalists.

8. Skyword

It not only provides freelance writing and content marketing solution but also offers videographers, photographers, and media organizations solutions – that aim to enhance marketing capabilities and customer conversion rates.


This platform offers a writing job board with writing resources and contests too!

The Freelancerwriting business offer services that include content writing and SEO – depending on their needs across many industries – business, construction, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, fitness, legal, lifestyle, medical, and more!

10. WriterAccess

Rated among the top, this writing platform connects customers with the best freelance writers and other professional freelancers. Businesses can select freelancers based on experience level and budget and also get their projects completed as required. 

Characteristics of the best freelance writers

No matter how good your writer is, you don’t want to work with a difficult person or someone who is unreliable. Here are some basic qualities that you must look for in your writer aside from quality writing experience.

1. Professionalism

A writer should be ethical and deliver work in a professional manner. This entails meeting deadlines and completing quality work. Professional writers know how to maintain long-term relationships with their clients. 

2. Work ethic

Being a writer isn’t just about writing, it needs strong research skills that come from hard work. A writer has to be willing to go that extra mile to research – sometimes even beyond the content brief. Your writer should also check facts and write valuable content, all of this comes through hard work.

3. Attention to detail

Writers who are detail-oriented will check every single word they write for you. They will do small things that make a big difference. Detail-oriented writers pay attention to small details and write content that ranks well online. 

4. Humble

Being humble means having no ego. A humble writer is willing to listen to your suggestions and ideas, accept feedback and do all of this with a lot of patience. A humble writer is easy to work with.

5. Motivated 

Motivated writers don’t need reminders to complete projects. They are self-disciplined and take the steps to make it happen. Working with motivated people facilitates the whole process of generating masterpieces for you.

6. Punctual

Imagine planning to release content only to realize your writer hasn’t begun working on it – that’s a nightmare! Your writer should be available every single time you plan a meeting or expect a completed project. If there are unforeseen circumstances, your writer should let you know immediately.

7. Dedicated

Dedicated writers focus on the task at hand and give it their best. A dedicated writer aims to create valuable content by paying attention to minor details in the brief and following all the instructions.

8. Open

It is so important for writers to be open to suggestions and give feedback on the content brief. Sometimes writers simply have better insight and experience.

How to Onboard Freelance Writers

A thorough understanding of your content needs will help writers create the right content for your business. Be clear about expectations, deadlines, and compensation for every project. 

1. Explain all about your business

Acquaint your writer with your organization’s goals and objectives. If your writer has a good idea of your services, it makes it easier to write for you.

2. Introduce the writer to your team

Make your writer feel comfortable, welcome, and accepted. Take time to introduce the writer to the team, and talk as if your writer is part of the team.

3. Provide details of the technology used

Going over the tools and technology that your company uses – will give your writer a better understanding of what to expect. Find out if your writer has used the same technology and if not, schedule a session to briefly explain a few tech-related details.

4. Let them know how they’re supposed to communicate

Set a standard method for communication. If your writers need to communicate any urgencies or other relevant points, they can do so using the set method for communication.

5. Introduce the style guide and your expectations

A style guide sets in place rules for writing as well as content requirements. The writer needs to know the expectations for every written project. A style guide for example assures the use of certain tools to analyze or polish the written piece.

6. Gather feedback or address any questions they may have

Writers may have a lot of feedback and questions – address all of their questions. The best way to grow mutually is to be open to feedback.

7. Be available to answer any questions

Writers may have questions to ask beyond the brief or writing project, those questions must also be answered. For example, Draft has a support team that is available to answer any questions writers may have – this eases the stress of the writers in so many ways!

How to Manage Freelance Writers

Managing freelance writers becomes easy when you are open and honest with them. When you value good work and are not afraid to compensate a deserving writer – that writer will be loyal to your company. Here are some simple yet valuable tips on managing freelance writers.

1. Set expectations

From the very beginning, tell your writers what you need from them. This can be done using a content brief that also clearly lists the compensation. You must fix the average pay for freelance writers. Let’s say your budget for a 1000-word article is 50 USD, which must be included in the content brief. 

An excellent content brief will have:

  • An overview

  • A description of the content

  • Number of words required (+ compensation)

  • SEO keywords

  • Content outline 

  • Links to research

  • Company & Brand (audience, dialect, style/tone, examples)

2. Communicate regularly

You can choose the mode of communication that works best – email, chat, message, or any other platform. Communication is so important, especially when the brief isn’t very clear to the writer. The writer should not feel stuck at any point. Also, in case of deadline adjustments, the need for communication is important.

3. Create and share a style guide

A style guide is a template that lays down rules and guidelines for writing articles. Every company’s style guide may vary but a style guide ensures consistency and reliability of each written article. Some essentials of a good style guide include rules for:

  • Readability 

  • Grammar 

  • Introductions and conclusions

  • Formatting

  • Research

Your style guide can list the easily available tools for writers to assess writing quality, readability, grammar, formatting, and so on. Today the internet is flooded with resources that make writing easier but nevertheless, writers have to put in a lot of hard work to ensure the best quality in every written piece.

4. Build a relationship

Long-term relationships are crucial, especially when you find a reliable freelance writer. To build a strong relationship with your favorite freelance writers:

  • Appreciate good work

  • Be honest and open

  • Take feedback and act on areas that need improvement

  • Communicate often, offer assistance if needed

  • Keep commitments

5. Share constructive and positive feedback

It is very important to let your writers know if they need to improve. This is mutually beneficial because it helps you get better content and also improves the writer’s skills. 

For example, if you feel the writer has delivered exceptional content but it lacks the conversational tone that is required – tell your writer about it, and explain why that tone is important for that particular piece. 

Also, giving credit where credit’s due – in simple words sharing positive feedback helps boost the writer’s confidence. It motivates writers to work harder and write better.

Get help finding and managing freelance writers

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