Content marketing hack: Buy your content

January 1, 2021


John Thomas

Contentfly customers swear by this content marketing hack that saves them hours on their marketing efforts.

For small businesses, content creation can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why SEO agencies, web design agencies, SMBs, and enterprises trust Draft with their content creation programs. If you’ve never purchased content before, here’s how.

Option 1 – Hiring freelancer writers directly

Hiring a freelance writer can be one of the most customizable routes to buying content. However, it also comes with more variability and inconsistency. 


  • Contact made through platforms – job sites, forums, social media platforms

  • Idea pitched to writer for content

  • Variable pricing options

  • Content submitted/revised if necessary

Due to the varying number of channels in which contact can be made – the process can vary, however, the skeleton remains the same. For more, check out our guide to finding and hiring freelance writers


  • Direct contact with writers

  • Content is tailored exactly to the needs of the business

  • Pricing can be negotiated and work ongoing


  • Quality in work may be inconsistent from one freelancer to another

  • Rights to all works is solely that of the writer unless you create a custom agreement

  • Pricing will vary based on experience, specialization, and several other factors

Pricing: Freelance writer rates can vary from$0.25 per word up to several dollars per word. Some will work with packages or a flat-rate fee as well.

It’s important for businesses to do their research to find a freelancer who can fit their budget and strategic needs.

Option 2 –

Draft charges a usage-based rate, so you only pay for the content you need, when you need it. We find, vet, manage, and pay writers so you can focus on what matters most.

How It Works

  1. Sign up and fill out a guided content brief

  2. Draft’s ✨ algorithmic magic✨ matches you with the best writer for the job.

  3. Receive your first draft in days (not weeks), review and request unlimited revisions, and publish it when you’re happy with the piece.

    It’s that simple!


  • Draft is typically cheaper than hiring a freelancer directly. Our pricing typically beats other white label content platforms too, giving our customers back their time to focus on other priorities.

  • Purely a ghostwriting service, giving the credit to the business, so you don’t confuse or distract your audience with bylines from third parties. 

  • Draft offers a minimum of 36 hours for content to be pitched, delivered, and live (within weekdays).

  • We control for quality. Writers must meet a minimum of 4 stars overall score—if they fall below, they’re removed from the platform. With vetted writers, and well-researched articles, businesses can be certain that Draft is the best they can use to buy unique articles online.

  • Royalty-free images can be sourced by your content writer too, when asked. 

Pricing: Scales up or down to meet any budget.

Option 3 – Scripted

One example of content, where businesses are able to buy quality work is Scripted.

Scripted runs a vigorous process for its’ writers, offering a number of content types to purchase.


  • Sign up to a free, 1 month trial membership

  • Place an order with chosen content

  • Await the first draft

  • Confirm any revisions

Scripted drafts can take five business days, with a maximum of seven days before the content is live


  • Free 1 month membership

  • Can communicate directly with writers

  • Ideas can be pitched FROM writers


  • Membership ranges from $149 to $1299 monthly

  • Once a writer is approved, they remain in the network

  • For the monthly option of unlimited words, this will cost $1299 a month.

Pricing: Scripted charges a premium price for articles that are not quality-moderated post access.

A free monthly trial is accessible, however after one month – a monthly membership fee of $149 is billed – which covers 10,000 words (content costs are not included in plans – these will be charged as extra). Unlimited words will cost $1299.

The Bottom Line

Custom agreements with freelance writers can be a match made in heaven when you find the right fit. However, many SMBs and agencies don’t have the expendable funds for a dedicated writer. That’s why a quality-focused content marketplace like Draft is often the most affordable and scalable option. 

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