Top content writing services to try in 2019

January 15, 2021


John Thomas

To help you find the right content partner for your business, we’ve compiled this list of the top content writing services of 2019.

Content marketing can make a huge impact on your customer acquisition and brand awareness. But getting started with content marketing can be a winding road with pitfalls and false starts at every turn. Because of this, many businesses turn to third-party partners like Draft to produce their content and improve their SEO.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content are big on marketing themselves as a scalable content writing service. If you need 10 articles every day, they’ll provide it. And much like any other content mill, they know how to please algorithms and people.

They offer everything that comes in writing: product descriptions, copywriting service, white papers, blog posts, metadata, social media posts, etc. If it includes words, they’ve got it. You can use their self-serve platform to connect with over 5,000 writers, and find the right one for you. They vet and tag their writers based on their unique areas of expertise.

Additionally, if you need a writer who’ll write in your dialect (UK English, Australian English, US English), you’ll be able to find them on Crowd Content. However, customers rate Crowd Content with 3.5/5, and here’s why:


  • Fast turnaround

  • Huge pool of writers (you’re probably going to find someone professional even if you’re selling popcorn)

  • Pre-vetted writers


  • Self-serve platform (you have to manually select a writer)

  • Rates depend on the writer (0.08c/word for an average-quality writer)

  • No guarantee of project completion

Our verdict:

If you want hands-off, personalized content creation, keep looking.

Content Writers

Content Writers is a content writing service from New York, and like many others, they focused on the scale.

They offer content such as: blog posts, email newsletters, white papers, press releases, and many others depending on your unique needs. The same goes for your industry – you can request an industry-specific writer to work with you.

One of the main benefits of Content Writers is the topic marketplace. If you don’t want a custom article, you can buy a pre-written one that hasn’t been published yet. Customers rate Content Writers with 4 out of 5 stars, and this is our quick breakdown of their blogging service:


  • Industry-specific writers

  • Different services for individuals, businesses, and agencies

  • Custom plans

  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Relatively expensive ($110 for a 300-500 word blog post)

  • Slow turnaround (3-5 days)

Our verdict:

Not the best choice for businesses who don’t want to risk hundreds of dollars until they find the right writer.


Verblio is another solid, subscription-based option for content creation. They offer commonly requested content types such as blog posts and articles. However, they don’t offer content services for some of the most effective content types such as email and social media posts.


  • Monthly subscriptions for consistent always-on billing

  • Research and SEO optimization included for each piece

  • Custom plans available


  • A convoluded subscription plan means purchasing credits for words. Strangely each credit is worth 4 words.

  • Limited content options are available—don’t go with Verblio if social or email content is a priority for your business

Draft markets itself as the “Uber” of content. You only pay for as much or as little content as you need, starting at just $30 for a 300-word piece. Draft offers the flexibility to scale your content up and down without having to jump through hoops to find, train, and manage freelance writers.

Draft understands the modern demands for content creation (Google bots really are insatiable), and covers all of your SEO content needs with researched content, royalty-free images, and unlimited revisions.

And since Draft leverages economies of scale to find the best industry writers, you’re getting a high-quality copywriting service at a very affordable rate. Customers describe Draft as: “The missing link for getting badass content out with ease and professionalism,” and here’s our quick breakdown of the service:


  • High-quality, personalized content published in Forbes, WSJ, and INC

  • Quick turnaround

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Royalty-free images included by request

  • 4,000-word, money-back guarantee

  • Simple, customer-friendly software

Since it’s no longer enough to just publish one piece of content per month, Draft is a great service that’ll fuel your 2022 content strategy quickly and affordably.

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