What is white label content marketing?

June 26, 2020


John Thomas

Understand the concept of white label content marketing and how it can help your business save time, establish expertise, and expand your brand.

With entrepreneurs and companies opening thousands of businesses every day, the demand for white label content marketing has become grown significantly, especially among small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). According to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE), small businesses are the overwhelming majority of companies in America. The council reports that small businesses accounted for much of the employment growth in the U.S.

For small businesses, content marketing is a crucial early lead generation opportunity, and white label content creation is an absolute necessity, since in-house writers are typically a sizable investment.‍

What is white label content marketing?

White label content marketing is the outsourcing of all your marketing endeavors to a 3rd-party, ghostwritten marketing agency. Once they’ve developed your writing and collateral, it’s entirely published and branded under your company name.

For example, at Draft, we create content for our clients at a nominal fee, which they publish to their own surfaces. White label content marketing encompasses all facets of digital marketing solutions, including social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing, among others.

Why SMBs need white label content marketing

White label content marketing takes the everyday mundane marketing efforts off your hands, allowing you to concentrate your energy on other priority areas of your business. For example, if you have a want to create blog posts about your services, Draft, as a white label content marketing company, will create a blog post for you that you’ll publish on your website as your own.

Draft doesn’t take credit for writing it, it’s entirely yours. That way, you don’t have to compromising your brand in your content marketing efforts with distracting bylines or author bios.

Here is a breakdown of what a whitelabel content outsourcing platform can do for your business, to help you decide.

Saves time and money

It’s understandable to want to create and oversee the messaging that comes from your company – but creating content takes time and resources. Creating content can become a full-time job, taking you away from other core tasks that you need to accomplish for the growth of the company.

Plus, you might not have a grasp of important content creation aspects like SEO or social media marketing. Ultimately, your content misses the mark costing you money and time.

Using a content writing service allows you to concentrate on your core responsibilities at the business and let the experts craft engaging and compelling copy that results in conversions. You get the most qualified people working on your content using the latest technology and best tools.

Gives you freedom

Speaking of core responsibilities, outsourcing your content marketing to a white label company gives you the freedom to build other important areas of specialization in your company.

Why should you and your staff be tied down by marketing efforts, when you could be innovating or developing solutions? Statistics show that small businesses are responsible for over 50% of the innovations developed in the 20th century – it’s important to take advantage of those early days of efficiency, not waste it on time-expensive content efforts.

Puts you at par with your larger competition

When you outsource your content marketing needs, your brand voice becomes as strong as that of a larger competitor with huge budgets for content creation. With the services of a white label content marketing agency, you can boast content that ranks highly on search engines giving you just as much visibility as the more prominent firms in your industry.

Content is the great equalizer.

Allows you to expand your services

You can expand your portfolio of services by partnering with a white label agency to provide your clients with tailor made solutions to their business needs. By partnering with an agency, you don’t need to hire additional staff in your company to enable you to grow the scope of your services.

Advantages of a white labelling

Increases the visibility of your brand

A white label content marketing agency has expert writers that know how to craft SEO-optimized content, which immediately increases brand awareness. They employ best practices in their writing that helps the content to rank on the first pages of search engines, making your company visible to potential customers.

Great content expands your brand name among users – and the best agencies optimize for that.

Makes you an expert

Having great content on your blog that associated with you makes you and your company stand out among the competition as thought leaders.

A content writing service leverages the diverse expertise of their various writers to build you up as an authority by providing value-adding content, in-depth content, so readers do not need to go anywhere else for answers to their questions.

It’s much harder to do this with in-house writers, unless you can find an exceptional generalist.

Provides access to the latest tools and technologies

A content outsourcing platform typically has the latest tools and technologies that enable the writers to create the best copy for you.

For example, tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo facilitate better writing by providing insight into the best keywords to use on any given topic. However, they work well in a content creation service because the writers know what to do with the information.

It would be futile and expensive to purchase such tools for your business when you don’t know how to use them.

Costs less than in-house staff

Having an in-house writer is expensive for any business. The salary of a content creator ranges from $35,000 to $75,000, giving you an average figure of $43,000 annually.

This is without medical insurance and other perk – and that’s just for one employee.

You may also need an SEO expert who will cost an average of $45,000 and maybe a graphic designer whose average salary is $44,000, among others, to be able to create useful content in-house. Hiring a white label content marketing agency is much cheaper than this, and you get access to an even more comprehensive array of experts.

When to consider hiring a blog article writing service

1) Your budget is limited

Every business looks for areas to loosen the budget, and having a full-time, in-house writer can be expensive. To manage your business budget to a figure that works, hire a white label content marketing firm.

Outsourcing makes it cheaper for you in the long run.

2) You need a steady flow of content

When you need several blogs to keep up your visibility and create a consistent message, hiring a content writing service is the best way to guarantee that. Their team is equipped to develop a series of articles and other content over an extended period. As a result, you can keep providing your audience with authoritative and professional content that sets you apart.

3) Writing isn’t your thing

If you and your employees aren’t savvy writers creating, content in-house will be financially catastrophic for any startup. You’ll not only get the messaging out wrong, but you’ll also waste time and money trying to create the content.

That is the time and money you could be using to handle your core competencies and service delivery.

4) You need subject matter experts

Writing like a subject matter expert is difficult and entails a lot of methodology. And it gets complicated when you have limited understanding and knowledge of the subject.

A content writing service has access to all manner of subject experts from various niches, which means you don’t have to go looking for one and negotiate rates.

Oh – and in-house subject matter experts are insanely expensive, and prevent your ability to shake things up or try different strategies.

What to look for in a content outsourcing platform

Skills that match your needs

Just because an agency has writers doesn’t mean they’re the correct fit for your company’s needs. You must find out if they are by focusing on their skills.

For example, do they have subject matter experts or technical writers that can explain difficult concepts to a non-technical audience? This is a crucial consideration if your products or services are very technical in nature.

Of course, such expertise should be complemented by knowledge of best writing practices like SEO optimization and keyword research.

Revision policy

Everything won’t always go smoothly, and a writer or two may get concepts wrong – meaning you need a revision.

Choose an agency that values your input as the client and is committed to getting your messaging and information correct. Here are two scenarios that should help you identify the agency with the best revision policy:

Scenario 1:

There is newly updated information concerning the industry that affects your product or service, and you need to tweak the content brief while the writing is underway. Does the agency accommodate the addition?

Scenario 2:

You just realized that the content is misleading about your product even after you provided the correct background information and a detailed brief on the product. Does the agency agree to a rewrite for free?

A service provider with a policy that penalizes you heavily on corrections and changes is not a good fit for any client.

Reasonable charges

Expensive doesn’t always mean excellent.

Compare costs across five to seven different agencies to get an idea of what the general cost should be. Anyone is too low should be a red flag. The overly expensive merchants may provide much more than the average agency, but make sure that their services are useful to you if you choose to go with them.

Don’t pay for services that you’ll never use.

Work and standard ethics

Evaluate the work ethics and standard of work of each agency before engaging their services. You can check out their reviews from previous clients to see whether they deliver. Ask for references and make sure you talk to the references and check out their websites and other content.

Once you’re satisfied with the content, engage the services of the agency for at least two months on a trial basis. During this time, evaluate their timeliness when it comes to deadlines, their understanding of the subject matter, writing ability, and their reaction to feedback.

Also, explore their ability to post the content directly for you on your various channels. Only when you are satisfied with their work, do you commit to an extended contract.

Is a white label content marketing agency for you?

Every business model has different nuances, but one thing remains a constant in all of them: content is king.

So, if you want to excel and be ahead of the competition in your industry, you must continuously create compelling content. With a budget to hire an in-house team, you can look the other way and walk away from content writing service providers.

If you don’t have a massive budget and need quality, steady content, a white label content marketing agency is likely your best choice..

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