"We've been able to publish over 100 articles, easily saving 100 hours in content time."

Varnish and Vine

Driving Digital Growth with Draft


Meet Blake, responsible for nurturing a flourishing online business, Varnish and Vine. Although his business is blooming as robustly as his plants, finding the time and resources to generate content for his website was a prickly problem.

His method primarily revolved around creating educational articles through blogs, but without enough hands on deck to manage it, finding the time to deliver on this ongoing commitment was posing a significant challenge.

Then, in the midst of this content creation drought, Blake stumbled upon Draft during an online search. Just when Blake needed it most, he found the perfect solution to his problem, and it was this discovery that marked the beginning of his flourishing relationship with Draft. A tool that promised to streamline his content creation process, all while ensuring superior quality.

The Process

Blake's first interaction with Draft was quite positive, especially when considering the value for money. He was impressed by the high-quality writing, which was far superior to what he expected based on the price point. The skill and expertise of the writers, coupled with the budget-friendly cost, was the perfect blend, further piquing his interest.

Soon, Draft became a meaningful part of Blake's content creation workflow at Varnish and Vine. The Draft platform allowed him to publish weekly blog posts, offering an educational angle that would help his customers better understand how to care for their houseplants. It wasn't long before Draft made a home in Blake's daily tasks, providing not just consistency but also ease in content creation that was challenging to achieve previously.

Results & Growth

The fruits of using Draft have been bountiful for Blake and his team. He exclaims,

"We've been able to publish over 100 articles, easily saving 100 hours in content time."

Indeed, using Draft not only enhanced their productivity but also encouraged the delivery of a constant stream of quality content for their audience.

Draft has significantly transformed the way Blake approached content creation. He stated, "It has been one consistent piece that allowed content to flow." This, coupled with the efficiency gains, has led to more frequent content publication than before, unprecedentedly improving the reach of Varnish and Vine in the houseplants industry.

But it's not just the overall output that Blake has been thrilled about. He goes on to mention, "The ability to favorite authors is important, the ability to highlight key words, it all adds up." This flexibility and customization that Draft offers, cement its place as an invaluable tool for Blake and his business.

Looking into the future, Blake sees Draft playing a vital role. "Organic will only continue to grow in importance," he says, nodding to the significance of a strong content strategy. To him, Draft is not just a tool for today, but a key partner for tomorrow's growth as well.

Blake didn't hesitate when asked if he'd recommend Draft, responding, "100%, again, super impressed." Draft's impact on Blake's content-game has been remarkable, underscoring the importance of finding the right tools for your business to bloom.

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