"As a one woman marketing team, I would have had to write the blog myself, which would have taken forever and we would not be able to keep up with the pace we do today."

Amanda AI

Inspiring Transformation Empowering a One-Woman Marketing Team to Success


Meet Z, the marketing head at Amanda AI - a company that has revolutionized the advertising landscape to automates ads for businesses.

For the longest time, blogs served as her major content strategy. Yet, she observed the shift in audience interest and promptly updated her approach, moving from blogs to more engaging social content.

Her challenge was in finding a suitable writer who can align with her marketing needs and content strategy. It was the time when she felt stuck as all her attempts to find a competent writer were going in vain. That's when the paths crossed with Draft. Z recalls her discovery of our services as a turning point,

"I tried to find a writer, but I googled and found you (Draft) instead. Problem solved!”

And that marked the beginning of a new chapter Amanda AI's success story with Draft.

The Process

Z's alliance with Draft began one day as she stumbled upon us through a search engine, setting off a journey that would mark a significant milestone in her professional journey. The initial experience with Draft was characterized by simplicity and ease. She did stumble upon differences in writing styles from writers, but once she worked Joseph Heart, she found a competent writer she could rely on.

"I don't want to write with anyone else now."

Integrating Draft into her workflows, Z takes advantages of the platform to maximize productivity. She prefers the 'bulk-use' approach, submitting multiple topics at once and revisiting them when the work is ready, before scheduling the post updates on her blog. It allows Z to maintain a consistent schedule to posting blog content. Over time, Z has observed admirable results following Amanda AI's collaboration with Draft.

"As a one woman marketing team, I would have had to write the blog myself, which would have taken forever and we would not be able to keep up with the pace we do today."

Results & Growth

The transformation after partnering with Draft is evident in Amanda AI's content frequency. Z confesses that they are now able to publish content more consistently than ever before. The streamlined process unlocked by using Draft endorses a consistent outflow of high-quality content, enabling the company to maintain a regular engagement with their audience.

As Amanda AI continues to elevate its growth, Draft remains embedded in its future plans. Z shares, "I'm planning on still posting to the blog and Draft will be part of that." Evidently, the advantages offered by Draft have won their trust, to the extent it's now an integral part of their growth trajectory.

When asked whether she would recommend Draft,

"Yes, Draft provides content that's cost effective, quick, and qood quality."

Z's experience with Draft serves as an inspiring testament to how this tool can effectively bolster and enhance the productivity of a one woman marketing team managing various tasks, enabling them to produce content on a larger scale.

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