JTN's journey with Draft has been marked by increased productivity, streamlined processes, and a strengthened content strategy.

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Transforming a Marketing Agency Jonathan's Success Story with Draft


JTN is a globally renowned agency specializing in sales, marketing, and training for ambitious B2B organizations. The agency's primary content strategy revolves around blogs, articles, and whitepapers, published daily across their diverse set of clients, making a significant impact in the B2B landscape.

Before discovering Draft, JTN's content creation journey involved a meticulous process of finding content creators on freelance marketplaces like Upwork, and commissioning work. For more specialized content, they reached out to their personal database of higher-end freelance writers. Despite these efforts, challenges in this process were aplenty.

"Finding quality content creators who not only understood our unique requirements but also delivered with consistency and effectiveness was our constant struggle," Jonathan recalls.

The intricacies of managing freestanding freelancers also posed operational difficulties and reduced their efficiency in producing the desired quality of content. The stage was set for a change, and Draft entered the scene.

The Process

They first heard about Draft through an online ad. Intrigued, Jonathan decided to explore further. His initial impressions were marked by an appreciation for the speed of delivery promised by Draft.

What specifically appealed to Jonathan was Draft's simplicity, and the fact that account managers were readily available for assistance. There was, however, more to Draft that kept JTN engaged.

This engagement translated into incorporating Draft into their everyday workflow. Now, JTN uses the platform for everyday content requests across a few client accounts. When it comes to concrete, hands-on application of the product, Jonathan admits, Draft is very effective for everyday content that clients request on a more frequent basis. This switch has allowed JTN to maintain, and even enhance their content frequency without compromising on the quality. Jonathan's experience reflects how Draft can streamline content production, optimizing efficiency and output, and how it proved to be a game-changer in the agency's content creation process.

Results & Growth

Using Draft had significant impacts on the content creation process at JTN, bringing about impressive results, especially in terms of productivity. The agency observed that their content production rate increased significantly, becoming at least 100% faster for everyday content than it was before. There was one instance where Draft truly shone, allowing JTN to scale their content output with minimal effort or risk.

Looking ahead, Draft is set to play a significant role in JTN's future growth plans. They plan to continue using Draft and are hopeful about its positive impact.

Would JTN recommend Draft to others? Absolutely, Jonathan plans to continue using Draft for everyday content. In a digital world where content can make or break your presence, having a reliable platform like Draft can be a game-changer.

JTN's journey with Draft has been marked by increased productivity, streamlined processes, and a strengthened content strategy. Jonathan and his team at JTN are a testament to the transformative power Draft can have on your content creation process. The platform is not only a tool but a comprehensive solution for successful content strategies.

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