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Revitalizing Content Strategy with Draft


Bryan, from the B2B digital marketing agency In Motion Marketing, experienced quite a journey before finding his stride with Draft.

His agency focused on designing digital strategies tailored to unique business needs.

"Our primary content strategy revolves around Social Media Posts, specifically LinkedIn Carousels, to engage our target audience effectively," Bryan explained in regard to their content strategy.

Prior to using Draft, time was a significant issue. Quality content required substantial time investment, which led them to external resources for help. Bryan recounts, "Before using Draft, our main challenge was the time required to create quality content. We tried to overcome this by dedicating more time to planning."

Despite their efforts, finding an efficient, effective method was a lingering obstacle.

The Process

Bryan stumbled upon Draft through a simple search engine query. Upon signing up for the platform, he immediately recognized its potential.

"From the get-go, the platform was intuitive and perfectly catered to our content needs," Bryan fondly recalls his initial encounter with Draft.

As they started to integrate Draft into their operations, it quickly earned a place in the crux of their workflow. Bryan and his team began leveraging the tool immediately, checking notes as they came in and swiftly adding tasks to the queue once they had received client approval. "We utilized Draft by checking notes as they came in and promptly adding tasks to the queue once we receive approval from our clients," said Bryan.

The ability of the Draft to seamlessly blend into their daily routines was a key factor in In Motion Marketing's consistently expanding operational capacity. The Draft platform was no longer just a tool for them, but a catalyst in their ability to offer more value to their clients.

Results & Growth

Draft's impact on Bryan's business, In Motion Marketing, has been nothing short of remarkable.

"After using Draft, we've observed a significant increase in web traffic for our clients," Bryan noted.

The results speak for themselves with their client Performio.co experiencing a staggering 1,000% surge in traffic.

But beyond mere numbers, the reliability and consistency offered by Draft have been game changers. Bryan noted a specific instance when Draft made a considerable difference.

"For our client Performio," he recounted, "we managed to maintain a consistent posting schedule of twice a month, as opposed to our previous sporadic posting pattern."

Draft's value extends into the details of its features.

"One of the most valuable features of Draft is the ability to create templates," Bryan explained, "This allows us to duplicate and easily fill in the blanks, streamlining the content creation process."

When asked about future plans with Draft, Bryan touched upon their mission to carry forward their success. They plan to intentionally leverage Draft's expansive utility in the creation of detailed articles for their high-growth clients. "To enhance our content strategy further and drive more traffic," he said, underlining their aims for more growth and results.

As for recommendations, Bryan exclaims.

"Absolutely, I would recommend Draft to others," he fervently affirmed. His reasoning is clear and emphasizes the central role Draft plays in the company's success: "The platform has been instrumental in streamlining our content creation process. The ability to quickly produce high-quality content has not only saved us time but has also positively impacted our clients' web traffic."

Bryan's experience encapsulates In Motion Marketing's journey, from the struggle to save time on content creation, through the discovery and integration of Draft, to the measurable results they've seen through increased web traffic and consistent content output. What began as a quest for a more streamlined content creation process has evolved into a testament to the transformative impact Draft can have on a business.

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