Since using Draft's services, Reed has secured over 5 grants and rewards, triggering an influx of over $50,000 into the business. Moreover, there was a marked 25% increase in newsletter and course subscriptions.

Sriii Consulting

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success with SriiiConsulting


Reed is the powerhouse behind SriiiConsulting, a company providing extensive training and coaching services across the business, education, and workforce development sectors. Prior to finding Draft, Reed encountered several challenges in content creation.

Their Side Hustle Accelerator program - a unique platform providing entrepreneurs the necessary tools to successfully launch original, innovative side hustles - demanded regular content. Reed’s primary content strategy was heavily relying on blog Posts, newsletters, and small business grants. With a publishing frequency ranging from monthly to bi-monthly, maintaining high-quality content across all verticals was paramount.

However, beyond content quality and freelancer availability issues , managing writers and deadlines proved to be a formidable task for Reed. Balancing his vision with freelancers’ creativity while ensuring timely deliveries drained both his potential and time, diverting resources that could have been invested in enhancing SriiiConsulting’s services. Overcoming these hurdles seemed as challenging as deciphering an unknown script until Draft provided Reed with valuable alternative for content creation.

For Reed, the stumbling blocks were plenty, but the path to overcoming these hurdles became visible with Draft’s entrance. He needed a reliable partner to take charge of his content creation needs, and Draft proved to be the perfect fit. The promise of consistent quality and dependable availability was precisely what Reed needed to elevate SriiiConsulting to the next level.

The Process

After discovering Draft through social media, Reed had an intake meeting that helped him understand the platform's potential, aligning it with SriiiConsulting’s unique needs to ensure a perfect fit. The transition was seamless. Reed integrated Draft into his daily operations by setting up a content calendar on Canva, which outlined his Draft workflow. This initiative offered clear visibility of his publishing frequency and alleviated Reed’s burden of tracking writer’s progress and deadlines, enabling him to dedicate more time and energy to refining SriiiConsulting’s services.

Draft has become an integral part of Reed’s content strategy at SriiiConsulting. The invaluable feature of having a reliable writer has offered him an unprecedented sense of comfort, liberating him from the yo-yo of freelancer availability and varying content quality. Thanks to Draft, Reed now publishes content more frequently, resulting in increased engagement, superior content output, and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Results & Growth

The impact of Draft was substantial. Since using Draft’s services, Reed has secured over 5 grants and rewards, triggering an influx of over $50,000 into the business. Moreover, there was a marked 25% increase in newsletter and course subscriptions. Reflecting further, Reed readily points out the significant assistance from Draft writers, which landed him numerous awards, grants , training contracts and subject matter expert engagements.

As he looks ahead, Reed is convinced that Draft is pivotal for future growth plans. Even after considering the potential hiring of a virtual assistant and increasing the usage of AI, like GPT, Reed plans to stick with Draft. It gives Reed the convenience and uncompromising quality in content creation - an indispensable component in Reed’s strategy for scaling his business.

Reed recommends Draft to his fellow entrepreneurs and side hustlers. He believes it would be particularly advantageous for those who have cultivated a unique writer’s voice and are looking to scale their content creation. As Reed puts it, these individuals would immensely value Draft’s ability to drive quantity without conceding the quality of their content.

With several grants won, increased public recognition through engaging newsletters, accelerated course subscriptions, and a significant boost in overall productivity, the influence of Draft on Reed’s venture is undeniable. Draft has allowed Reed to concentrate on delivering premier training and coaching services, comfortable in the knowledge that his content creation is in excellent hands. Thus, Draft is not only a trusted partner in Reed’s current business journey but also an ally in the ambitious growth plans for SriiiConsulting.


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