"Draft has helped put our company’s SEO increase with their well-written and descriptive writing."

Top Notch Landscape Lighting

Transforming Content Strategy: How Draft Boosted Top Notch Co.'s SEO and Engagement


Meet Top Notch Co., a Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Company carving out an impressive niche in their sector. Their primary content strategy revolves around informative blog posts and frequent product updates. Keeping their audience informed and engaged is a top priority, making content creation a critical part of their strategy.

"Before using Draft, we were reliant on samples from various writers," shared a representative from Top Notch Co. This approach had its drawbacks, as it often resulted in a lack of consistency. "A lot of them were not as good," they conceded, alluding to the subpar quality of content they occasionally received.

Despite these challenges, Top Notch Co. was committed to providing engaging and high-quality content. The breakthrough came when they chanced upon Draft through social media. This marked the end of their quest for a consistent and reliable content creation solution, and the beginning of their success story with Draft.

The Process

Engaging with Draft for the first time, Top Notch Co. found immediate value in the service. They especially appreciated the detailed, well-thought-out content they received for their blogs and product updates.

“It was very detailed and well-written content,”

Shared a representative, reflecting on their initial experience using Draft. This new level of quality far surpassed the content samples they had previously used, instantly setting a new standard for their content strategy.

As they grew more comfortable with Draft's offerings, Top Notch Co. swiftly integrated it into their day-to-day workflows. It quickly became an invaluable tool for their content development, whether they needed to update their blog or launch a new product.

“We use it when we want to upload some blog content on our site or when we're launching a new product" , they relayed, underscoring Draft's practicality and efficiency in supporting their business operations.

This seamless integration into their everyday processes mapped out a clear path for enhanced content delivery for Top Notch Co., courtesy of Draft.

Results & Growth

Committing to Draft wasn't just a seamless integration process for Top Notch Co., it led to tangible benefits. With profoundly high-quality content, it marked a distinct improvement in their SEO.

"Draft has helped put our company’s SEO increase with their well-written and descriptive writing," said a company representative.

And this SEO enhancement has been coupled with a real-world impact. It's not just that their blogs are seen more, they even get featured on third-party sites—an achievement they credit to Draft.

One key feature of Draft that particularly stands out for Top Notch Co. is the AI generator. This tool goes beyond producing excellent content—it gives them inspiring and engaging ideas for blog topics and titles. It’s been an absolute game-changer.

With Draft as part of their arsenal, Top Notch Co. is ramping up their content creation. They are now publishing content more frequently than they did before Draft's involvement. And there's an exciting prospect on the horizon.

"We are going to be posting longer content word-wise and will definitely be using Draft to help us with that," they disclosed about their future plans.

Asked if they would recommend Draft to others, the response is immediate and resounding—yes. Explaining their reasoning, they highlighted how Draft is not just a source for content, it's a platform that does a "good job at understanding the material, research, and putting it together." This results in a well-rounded, fully holistic content creation solution.

With Draft, Top Notch Co. feels confident in tackling their content creation head-on, excited about the opportunities it presents for growth, and quick to recommend it to others facing similar challenges. They found a solution in Draft. Perhaps your business could too.

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