Draft has helped us build a consistent blog that has helped us drive organic traffic to our website. It's easy to use and the writers are extremely knowledgeable and well-researched. We love it.

Pay The Nanny

Reimaging Content Creation Pay The Nanny's Path to Becoming an Industry Thought Leader with Help from Draft


Based in New Zealand and Australia, Pay the Nanny provides an affordable, simple and hassle-free way to legally pay nannies and household employees. Their unique niche in the payroll industry required a dedicated solution for content creation and a way to engage with a broader audience online.

Before Pay the Nanny discovered Draft, content creation was a challenge for them. They didn't have a consistent plan, with just a handful of blog posts to their name. The team lacked the time and capacity to develop and share meaningful, effective content regularly. As a result, the company struggled to make an impact and connect with a wider audience.

But a simple search engine query led them to Draft. At first, Pay the Nanny had reservations about using a ghostwriting service due to the technicalities and specificities of their industry. However, they were quickly proved wrong. The founder shared,

"The pieces that Draft wrote, and our preferred writer, were awesome. They were well researched, detailed and nailed all the technical aspects of a complicated topic."

This strong initial experience went a long way in allaying their initial skepticism. It was more than just a product or service; Draft provided a transformative content solution that promised to propel their brand forward.

The Process

Today, Draft has become an integral part of Pay the Nanny's daily operations. Their key use of it is to commission SEO-targeted blog posts to enhance their online visibility and engagement.

Ever since they leveraged Draft for their content needs, Pay the Nanny saw significant growth in their web traffic. Beyond driving consistent organic search traffic, Draft enabled them to maintain a regular cadence of blog posts without spending any internal resources on content creation. This proved particularly beneficial in terms of the ever-demanding resource allocation within a growing business.

One significant win they shared was their annual "Nanny pay rates in NZ & AU" article, created through Draft. Not only was this a massive traffic driver, but it also provided Pay the Nanny with authority and thought leadership within their industry. In their own words,

"These articles have been a huge source of traffic for us and something that we never would have had the capacity to do if we weren't using Draft."

Beyond the tangible results, Pay the Nanny also marveled at the Draft platform's features. They found the easy interface and the ability to request new content incredibly valuable. A favorite feature was the preferred writer matching system. Peter, their preferred writer, was highly praised for his deep understanding of their niche industry. As the founder explained,

"Our preferred writer had developed such a good understanding of our business that he would nail it every time."

Results & Growth

Looking ahead, Draft plays a significant role in the future growth plans of Pay The Nanny. They see the platform as an irreplaceable asset when it comes to creating regular and impactful blog posts. They stress that the level of unique and authentic content Draft offers cannot be replaced by AI or similar services. The founder explained, "When compared to AI, or other services, the content from Draft is far more organic and authentic, and I think that's impossible to replace."

Without reservation, Pay The Nanny would highly recommend Draft to other businesses. The founder stated,

"Draft has helped us build a consistent blog that has helped us drive organic traffic to our website. It's easy to use and the writers are extremely knowledgeable and well-researched. We love it."

The glowing endorsement highlights the profound impact that Draft has had on expanding their reach and enhancing their online presence. Clearly, Draft has not only satisfied but exceeded their content creation needs, driving growth and adding value at every stage.

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