"With Draft, we can achieve more across our whole marketing team. We're seeing results from content without slowing other projects."


How Trolley Scaled Marketing Efforts 3X with Draft


Trolley is not just another payouts platform; it's a catalyst for global economic connectivity.

It offers businesses a powerful tool to manage payments to contractors, vendors, and suppliers around the world. With a compelling vision to democratize the collective economic opportunity offered by the internet, Trolley has meticulously built a robust global payouts ecosystem. They're not just facilitating transactions; they're enabling businesses to tap into a global talent pool of workers, creators, and contractors, thus significantly expanding the marketplace for specialized skills.


In the latter part of 2021, Trolley's leadership realized that if they wanted to move the needle on brand awareness and customer acquisition, they had to ramp up their marketing efforts. Until that point, the responsibility for content creation was spread thin across various departments. Customer Success contributed thought leadership pieces, Sales added industry insights, Product provided technical know-how, and even the CEO occasionally wrote op-eds.

While this communal approach fostered a certain level of diversity in the content, it wasn't scalable. It led to a bottleneck with just two new pieces of content being published each month.

With 2022 on the horizon, the marketing team set an ambitious goal: to produce 100 pieces of content within the year. A quick calculation based on the previous year's output made it clear that they were on track to miss their goal by a staggering 70% if they didn't find a way to scale.


Faced with this daunting challenge, Trolley evaluated multiple avenues for scaling their content:

  • Freelancers were the first option they considered. However, the logistical complexities of sourcing, vetting, and managing freelance writers quickly became apparent.

  • Marketplaces like Fiverr were also assessed, but the inconsistency in quality and the lack of specialized knowledge in the FinTech sector made this option untenable.

Then came Draft, a content outsourcing platform that promised quality, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Draft's services were not just 60% cheaper than other options; they also offered a consistent quality that Trolley couldn't find elsewhere. The partnership allowed Trolley to more than double their content output from 2 to 6 pieces a month. Moreover, Draft offered unique features like the ability to assemble a dedicated writing team known as Preferred Writers and a rollover option for unused words, ensuring that Trolley got value for every dollar spent.

Results & Growth

The partnership with Draft brought a seismic shift in Trolley's marketing strategy.

They didn't just meet their content production targets; they exceeded them. The 300% increase in content production cadence was an unprecedented achievement that surpassed their most optimistic projections.

This surge in output did not result in a dip in quality. In fact, Contentfly's stringent quality control measures ensured that every piece of content was up to the mark.

"With Contentfly, we can achieve more across our whole marketing team. We're seeing results from content without slowing other projects. Contentfly is critical to us staying on strategy."

Financially, the collaboration proved to be a boon.

Trolley achieved a cost reduction of 60% compared to what they would have spent with other service providers. The time-saving aspect was another significant win. The marketing team saved a minimum of 20 hours per month on writing and editing alone, allowing them to allocate resources to other mission-critical tasks.

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