"Draft is an important part of our process. Finding good writers is hard...We use it to produce tens of thousands of words per month."

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In the competitive realm of digital marketing, Dan leads Salt Water Digital's primary content strategy. This strategy focuses on blog content, service pages, and location pages, generating tens of thousands of words each month to power their digital operations.

Grappled with the consistent, high demand for quality content, Salt Water Digital often struggled to keep content fresh and engaging. Over time, they found themselves in a precarious situation, dedicating an inordinate amount of time to content creation, and subsequently, losing precious time for other critical operations.

The Process

In his quest for a solution, Dan found Draft via a simple search engine query. Eager for a promising solution, Dan found relief in the well-structured work-flow process, which provided greater clarity, and the assurance that the writers would personally inform them about any potential delays in project delivery.

Draft swiftly became an indispensable tool in Salt Water Digital's daily operations, generating 5-15k words per month across various niches. It was a refreshing shift from the previous status quo, offering a firm solace from the exhausting demand for high-quality content. The feature to save, rate, and revisit writers came as a much-appreciated add-on.

While Draft has effortlessly blended into the high-volume content generation for Salt Water Digital, its significance cannot be understated. Dan noted,

"Draft is an important part of our process. Finding good writers is hard...We use it produce tens of thousands of words per month."

As many digital marketing firms are stuck in low-quality quick fixes, Salt Water Digital's relationship with Draft sets a strong example of the strong commitment to quality Draft continually uphold.

Results & Growth

In this content-driven digital landscape, Salt Water Digital found the Draft's ability to connect them with talented professionals, like Sam K, to be of utmost value. So impactful was Sam K's contributions to the firm's content creation that Dan stated,

"If Sam left, we would likely start looking for another freelance writer. Sam's very, very good."

These statements underscore the paramount importance of writer talent within Draft's marketplace. With one of the most rigorous selection processes for writers, Draft maintains an exceptionally high standard for the quality of its writers.

The cutting-edge matching algorithm used by Draft consistently brings delight to clients by connecting them with writers who are an impeccable fit for their specific content requirements. This advanced algorithm takes into account multiple factors such as the writer's background, previous writing accomplishments, industry knowledge, and writing style, resulting in a flawless match that caters precisely to the customer's needs.

With Draft serving as a reliable content creation foothold, Salt Water Digital magnified its content publication frequency. This integration has clearly paved the way not only for current stability but also for future growth plans. Dan envisages Draft as an ongoing partner, a supplement to their internal content production efforts bolstering the firm's growth trajectory.

Reflecting on the journey with Draft, Dan shared, "Draft is only as good as the writer it can source." This hints at challenges they faced – instances where the initial content fell short of expectations. But through committed exploration, they drilled down to their star writer – a process that did entail some initial investment of time and money. Yet, against these early stumbling blocks, Dan reaffirms his confidence in Draft, recommending others to give it a go.

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