"Draft.co underpins our growth strategy, enabling scalable, high-quality content that augments our expanding digital presence and client base."

Simply Me-dia
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Fueling Growth and Resilience A Successful Partnership with Draft


Renowned for their prowess in website development, SEO, and social media activities, Simply Me-dia focuses on creating engaging social media and blog posts. However, it wasn't a always easy to create quality content for their clients.

"We struggled with maintaining consistent quality across our social media posts, website pages, and blog content," recalls Amy.

The varying levels of expertise among their in-house team presented a considerable challenge, leading to inconsistency that gnawed at their brand's professional facade.

In addition to quality concerns, time constraints started encroaching on the company's efficiency. With a demand for fresh content that often exceeded their team's capacity, the team found themselves in the uncomfortable position of choosing one project over another. These compromises led to delayed updates and opportunities gone amiss.

Amy describes, "Generating creative and fresh content ideas became increasingly difficult, which affected our engagement and audience retention."

To overcome these challenges, Simply Me-dia tried several approaches. Hiring freelancers to take on some of the workload seemed a promising route, but managing multiple freelancers proved time-consuming, and still, the quality inconsistencies lingered. Looking for an automated solution, they turned to content generation tools. Although effective to some extent, the produced content lacked the vital human touch and required extensive editing—further stretching their already scarce resources. As a last approach, they even invested in training and skill development for their in-house team. But progress was slow and the outcome, still inconsistent.

"We experimented with content generation tools, trained our in-house team to improve their copywriting skills, and even hired freelance copywriters, but all these approaches had limited success in addressing our content creation challenges," Amy reflects.

The Process

From a simple search engine query, Simply Me-dia stumbled upon Draft.co. As a potential remedy for their content issues, they decided to partner with Draft.

However, the initial stages were far from smooth. "Our initial experience with Draft.co was marked by a period of trial and error," confides Amy. The team found it arduous to find a writer who truly understood the essence of their company's brand voice and style, and could embody it in their prose. Add to this, the frequent turnover of account managers, forcing them to start from square one with new writers, clouding the process with discontinuity. "This made it difficult to maintain consistency as we often had to start from scratch with new writers," Amy points out.

Despite these teething challenges, Simply Me-dia decided to stick it out, a decision that bore fruit when they began to regularly incorporate Draft.co into their day-to-day operations. Now, the Draft platform has eased its way into the heart of Simply Me-dia's content creation workflow.

Through the platform, Simply Me-dia initiates content requests, outlining criteria, topics, and deadlines that guide their dedicated writer. "Collaborating closely with our writer, we ensure they grasp our brand's voice, style, and goals", explains Amy. Through Draft's system, an efficient content review process enables Amy to provide feedback and streamline the editing and revision process.

"We seamlessly integrate Draft into our daily operations, optimising our content creation workflow," Amy proclaims. With the flexibility to request revisions until they hit just the right note with their content, Simply Me-dia's partnership with Draft has transformed their content creation process into a smooth and time-efficient operation.

Results & Growth

As Simply Me-dia continued their association with Draft, they started witnessing remarkable results. Not only did their web traffic surge by a whopping 25% within the first six months, but they also experienced significant savings in terms of time and resources.

"Draft's streamlined workflow and efficient content creation process have saved our team an estimated 15 hours per week," Amy gladly reports.

Moreover, with Draft handling their content production, the company saw a 30% rise in the number of blog posts and social media updates they published monthly. On the engagement front, their social media metrics narrate a success story with a 20% increase in engagement rates driving more likes, shares, and comments.

Draft’s impact was notably underscored during a crucial time of staff shortage at Simply Me-dia.

"When our in-house copywriter unexpectedly left, Draft became one of the extended team," says Amy.

Meeting their immediate content needs, Draft exceeded their expectations, elevating their content creation process marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Grateful for the Draft features that make their daily operations efficient, Amy applauds the ease of communication with the writers and the flexibility of on-demand services.

"This flexibility enhances our agility and responsiveness, enabling us to meet the dynamic needs of our clients effectively and efficiently," she iterates.

Looking ahead, Draft forms an integral part of Simply Me-dia's growth strategy, ensuring scalable and superior content creation to support their expanding digital presence and client base.

Asked whether they would recommend Draft to others, Amy replies,"

Yes, we would recommend Draft to others, albeit selectively. It has become our secret weapon for creating high-quality content".

However, she may be cautious about recommending Draft to direct competitors or clients, for fellow web developers, the company wholeheartedly endorses Draft and the transformative journey it can steer for them.

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