Choosing Between Draft and Scripted - A Content Creation Platform Comparison

This article provides a comprehensive comparison between two leading content creation platforms, Draft and Scripted. It covers aspects such as writer expertise, ordering process, cost structure, content creation, revision policy, and key strengths to help you make an informed decision.

In the vibrant world of content creation, 2021 saw Contentfly grab headlines as they raised $11.2M for their cutting-edge content creation platform. Fast forward to now, Contentfly has rebranded itself as Draft and continues its mission: making content creation simpler and better.

Scripted is on a similar mission, offering new-age solutions for content generation. The question naturally arises—is Draft rising to market demands? And more importantly, how does it measure up against other platforms like Scripted?

Allow us to walk you through an incisive comparison that will help you make an informed choice regarding your partner in written content creation.

Comparative Analysis

Choosing a content creation provider isn't something you do in a hurry. It's incredibly crucial. It's much like picking the right school for your child or finding a home that ticks all your boxes. Because just like education shapes your child's future and a house transforms into your "home," high-quality content can steer business growth and build meaningful customer relationships. Just take a look at these case studies if you need proof.

So when it comes to making the right choice between Draft and Scripted, two well-respected players in the content-creating sphere, an informed decision is key.


Writer Expertise


- Top 1% of writers accepted

- Focus on creativity and skills


- Accepts top 2%

- Mix of human and AI writers

Ordering Process


- Clean dashboard

- Great writer matching tools


- Efficient tracking system

- Easy communication

Pricing Model


- Straightforward pricing ($0.10/word)

- Free revisions

- No hidden fees


- Credit-based system

- Monthly fees for human writers

- AI writing is cheaper

Content Creation


- Strictly human-written

- Consistent high quality


- AI writing options

- Human writing costs extra

Revisions Policy


- Quick and seamless


- Slightly more complex process

Key Advantages


- Vetted human writers

- Transparent pricing

- Excellent output


- Cheap AI writing capabilities

- Mix of human and AI

- Verified writer reviews

The Writers

Writers are the backbone of every content creation service. A good writer must be creative, have excellent grammar, and understand what people want to read. In this era of computers doing everything, many articles are written by AI chatbots. But these can miss the human touch that brings a story to life. This is why we still need great writers!

Draft's Writers

At Draft, we believe in a simple rule: content is king, but the writers are the kingmakers. We don't rely on AI to churn out words. Instead, we trust our team of real people with real talent. And we are extremely picky when it comes to choosing our writers. Of all the applicants, only a few from countries like the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia are chosen—precisely 1%.

Our checks are ongoing, ensuring every writer keeps up their 'A' game all the time, maintaining high-quality writing for our clients. With an average rating of 4.8/5 stars and less than 1% rewrites needed, I think you can say we're doing great.

We want every writer to earn their place through robust testing on grammar and creativity before joining us. This helps us guarantee that they can produce innovative content that gets your audience hooked.

Scripted’s Writers

Let's turn our attention to Scripted now. They, too, appreciate the power of good writing, and their selection process is similar to ours at Draft. They're a tad more lenient, accepting 2% of writers who apply. Like us, they understand the importance of vetting their writers thoroughly.

However, it’s important to note that they use AI for some of their writing. To get fully human-made content on Scripted, you'd need to pay extra money.

On their platform, you can see each writer’s previous work and a small bio about them, much like on Draft. They also give ratings for each writer, which helps them choose the right one.

Platform Ease of Use

We all know time is money, especially in business. That's why a simple, user-friendly platform is key for your content needs. It helps you speedily navigate, save precious time, and reduce hair-pulling frustrations.

Regarding website design and function, there's not much to separate Draft and Scripted. Both platforms offer a dashboard with a neat summary of all your projects and easy options to add more.

The new-age tools on offer, like AI solutions, help shape your content briefs quickly. They even aid in instant topic generation, which lets you match the right writer swiftly.



●      Easy to use

●      Fast navigation

●      Great writer-matching system

●      Real-time project updates

●      Convenient revision requests 

●      Comprehensive Resources


●      Limited custom order forms



●      Efficient project tracking

●      Effective communication with writers

●      Verified reviews visible

●      Speedy order process 


●       Crowded dashboard layout makes it harder to find information

While each platform has its perks, we suggest taking a test drive yourself before making a decision. They both offer risk-free trial periods, so you can't go wrong with either choice.


When it comes to budgeting for your business, clear and straightforward pricing is just as important as the quality of service. Planning and keeping finances in check is much easier when you can anticipate costs.

Draft’s Pricing

At Draft, we know you want no gimmicks or math headaches when it comes to pricing, so we've kept things simple. Dry as a bone and as clear as daylight. Our pricing model is straightforward that way. You pay 10 cents for each word written. There are no commitments, no monthly memberships, and absolutely zero hidden costs.

On top of that, our service includes research work, provides free-to-use photos that you can legally use (royalty-free), and gives unlimited do-overs just in case something didn’t turn out exactly how you’d like it.

If you still have reservations, we offer a risk-free trial. You can order the first 4,000 words and decide for yourself if we're worth your trust and money. After all, seeing is believing, and we trust our writers enough to impress you from the start.

Scripted's Pricing

Now, let's look at Scripted. They do things a little differently than we do at Draft. They use a content credit system, which can feel more complex. You pay for credits, but it's unclear what these credits get you from their pricing page.

On top of this, there are monthly membership fees to consider. Yes, they offer a free plan, too, but those freebies only get you access to AI-generated content. To include some human writing into your content mix, prepare to opt for the costlier Pro or Team plans, which cost $199 and $499 per month, respectively.

On the bright side, though, if you want just a taste of how it works over there before fully jumping in, they offer a one-month free trial.

Content Quality

At the end of the day, we all want some good quality content. That's really what it boils down to, isn’t it?

About AI

There's a significant shift towards AI for creating content right now. It’s an exciting development, and we’ll be watching closely how this space evolves. However, there are particular concerns about utilizing AI-generated copy, such as subpar quality at times due to its algorithmic formulas sometimes churning out repetitive phrases or slightly off-context statements.

Moreover, questions over its legal status and potential impact on SEO are still not clearly established within industry circles, which might give cause for pause before jumping aboard this new machine-led writing revolution full-steam.

Draft vs. Scripted

At Draft, every piece of work must pass through our strict plagiarism and AI detectors. We have high standards to ensure you get original work that resonates with your audience. While efficient, AI content sometimes struggles with nuances in language⁠, leading to awkward phrases or inadvertent misunderstandings.

We respect Scripted for making it clear they use AI-generated content, too. Yet charging additional fees merely for human editing on top of their machine-made output seems not entirely fair play.

In comparison, Draft promises human-crafted content that adheres strictly to industry standards⁠ each time. There’s just something sincere about humans writing for other humans that machines haven't mastered yet. Take a look at our samples for reference.

Revision Policy

Now, nobody's perfect, and every masterpiece has its drafts. This is where revisions come in. You might've imagined your content heading one way, and it didn't, or perhaps you just had a brilliant, fresh idea.

Both Draft and Scripted share this belief. Hence, we allow for unlimited free revisions for all our clients. This means you can tweak your content until it sparkles like you envisioned. With Scripted, however, the revision process can be a tad more complex as you need to manually point out the section you wish to tweak, semantic or otherwise. You then explain what exactly needs changing.

Over at Draft, we like keeping it simple and user-friendly by ensuring feedback is seamlessly incorporated into the order page, making our revision process just another positive highlight in your overall experience

Benefits of Using Draft

Now, let's revisit why we feel Draft clearly stands out in this comparison. With Draft, you get vetted writers producing authentic quality work every time. Our user-friendly platform makes creating and managing content a breeze while saving you valuable time.

Above all, we believe in transparency and simplicity, from pricing structures to how we facilitate revisions. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say.

Dan from SaltWater Digital had some kind words for us:

"Where most SEO agencies are churning out junk, we have very high standards. Draft has been a big part of helping us produce high-quality content."


Now that we've compared Draft and Scripted, here's the bottom line: Draft puts the power of true storytelling at your fingertips with a team of top-notch writers. Combined with a user-friendly platform, clear pricing structure, and an unwavering commitment to quality content, Draft is the superior choice.

While AI has its place in modern content creation, there's no substitute for the human touch when you want high-quality editorial that appeals to your audience.

Ready to give us a try? Sign up for our cutting-edge platform today and experience superior content creation firsthand!

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