Navigating the Content Creation Space: Comparing Draft and Anyword

This article compares the services of Draft and Anyword - two competing platforms in the content creation market. It examines their unique attributes, user experience, and pricing models, providing insight into which platform can better align with your business objectives.

Draft vs. Anyword: Human Writers or AI Copywriting


Draft and Anyword, two pioneers in the content creation realm, provide distinct solutions. Draft is known for its dynamic marketplace of gifted human writers, while Anyword harnesses cutting-edge AI capabilities to produce text. Despite their shared commitment to delivering high-caliber content, the way they operate varies considerably.


Draft offers a wide selection of proficient writers, while Anyword lets you direct an AI to create your desired written content. This brings us to the crucial question - which platform aligns best with your business objectives?


In this review, we put Draft and Anyword head-to-head, analyzing their unique features, user-friendliness, pricing, and overall efficacy in fulfilling your content generation goals.


What is Draft?


As a robust content writing space, Draft serves as a bridge between clients and accomplished writers. The platform delivers a multitude of services, encompassing a broad spectrum of content, from blog entries to advertisement copy. Clients can easily articulate their requirements using the integrated draft builder or by uploading a custom brief. Draft promptly matches your project with the most suitable writer within a day. This writer then promptly starts working on the brief. Committed to ensuring quality, Draft provides free content modifications and revisions, ensuring clients receive ready-to-use content within the specified timeline.


Services offered by Draft


Recognized as a comprehensive content creation marketplace, Draft successfully connects clients with incredibly skilled writers who go through rigorous screening processes. These writers excel in delivering multiple forms of content, from blog posts to ad scripts. The platform's refined request system guarantees smooth and regular orders of superior content from chosen writers.


A distinguishing feature of Draft is its expedited task allocation process. Clients are quickly matched with the most suitable writer within 24 hours, thus accelerating the content creation journey. Adhering to its promise of excellent quality, Draft provides free revisions and rewrites, promising the delivery of ready-to-publish content within agreed deadlines.


True to its dedication to quality, Draft applies a stringent writer examination process, assuring extensive content coverage across various topics and areas of specialization. With Draft, clients can be confident that their content is 100% human-generated, completely unique, and offered in different formats including, but not limited to, blog articles, web content, promotional emails, and more.


What is Anyword?


Anyword is a cutting-edge tool for content marketing powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to boost a brand's digital marketing performance by providing high-converting copy. The AI copywriting technology designed by Anyword is a game-changer for Demand Generation, Growth, and Performance marketers. The platform, loved by over 1 million marketers worldwide, optimizes copy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and native ads.


Services offered by Anyword


Anyword provides an array of services that revolutionize marketing content creation. One of its valuable features helps marketers to eliminate the need for time-consuming A/B testing ads. Instead of testing numerous variations of AI-generated copy, Anyword points out the top 5 before they are published. It also offers predictive performance scores for all ad copies based on AI trained on millions of successful ads. Further, the tool facilitates the creation of plagiarism-free ads, blog posts, emails, and landing pages that are tailored to a target audience in a brand-specific tone of voice.


Anyword significantly aids in boosting website conversions. It shows every website visitor an optimized message based on their intent, predicts how your website content will perform, and enables simultaneous testing of multiple messaging variations for enhanced conversion rates. What's more, Anyword ensures high Quality Scores by maintaining consistency between ads and landing pages.


The tool also empowers content marketers to create high-impact content at scale, instantly. Its AI Writer is trained on millions of top-performing content assets for assured results. The tool lets you create original, audience-specific content for every channel, and predicts its performance using real marketing data. This includes data-driven social posts, high-quality blog posts, SEO-optimized content, and more.


At Anyword, an hour's work can create an enormous amount of high-performing content, including engaging emails, social media posts, Google and Facebook ads, persona-targeted landing pages, and YouTube titles and descriptions. Its advanced, user-friendly features allow marketers to generate a broad spectrum of content ideas, customize all content for specific audiences, and automatically generate key talking points from any webpage, making content creation more streamlined, efficient, and effective.


Comparative Analysis


Draft's vetting process


Draft greatly prioritizes the proficiency of its writers, strictly welcoming native English speakers from countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. This pledge reassures the consistent production of high-quality content on the platform.


At the onset, eligible writers are requested to disclose their geographical locations and, optionally, their LinkedIn profiles. This information aids Draft in confirming the authenticity and professional qualifications of the writer. Also, candidates are asked to supply links to their portfolios, disclose their previous work, and elaborate on their copywriting experience and fields of expertise.


After gathering this data, Draft's internal team conducts a meticulous examination of each application. Only those who meet Draft's rigid quality standards are given admission to the marketplace. This comprehensive screening process ensures that clients are paired with not only talented but also reliable writers.


Anyword’s vetting process


It might intrigue you how an AI tool like Anyword can screen writers. The reality is, it can't! It's crucial to comprehend that Anyword, similar to other AI tools, is trained on data from the Internet open to the public, created by a diverse range of users. This can include content written by non-native English writers or even unstructured text.


Consequently, Anyword can occasionally create misleading or 'hallucination' content, especially when dealing with specialized or niche subjects. The term 'hallucination' is used to describe instances where the AI creates content that it deems accurate, but in actuality, is not factually correct.


User experience on Draft


1. Embarking on your Draft journey is straightforward. Just click 'Get Started', sign up with your email and password, and you are ready to delve into the platform!



2. After successful registration and login, you'll land on a customer-friendly dashboard, purposely designed for seamless navigation. To make your initial content request, head towards the upper right corner of your screen.



3. Your next move would be to denote the category of content you require, give it a title, nominate a topic, and determine the word count. Remember, the quality of your content is highly dependent on the preciseness of your instructions. So, take time to explain your requirements articulately.



4. Prior to finalizing your order, do a comprehensive check of your details. An approximate delivery date will pop up, providing you an insight into when your content will be ready. After inputting your payment specifics and validating your order, you're good to go! Typically, the entire process, from signing up to placing your opening order, consumes only 10-15 minutes.


Draft's user interface is embedded with beneficial features situated on the left sidebar. The AI-driven 'Content Idea Generator' is particularly instrumental for conceiving unique content concepts. The 'Saved for Later' utility offers a convenient area to preserve briefs for future usage or modification.


One feature that stands out allows you to compile a list of your preferred writers - those with whom you've cultivated a dependable rapport and consistently furnish excellent content. This feature assures an unbroken influx of superior content from your credible writers.


User experience on Anyword


1. From your dashboard, you can navigate to the editor or blog wizard via the left sidebar. Additionally, you can utilize the Copy Intelligence feature that merges with your CRMs and email systems, enabling Anyword to discern and learn the type of content that best suits your business.


You also have the option to define your brand voice so Anyword can formulate content in your unique style.


2. Once inside Anyword's Blog Wizard/Editor, you'll find an array of templates available for crafting your content.



Upon selecting a template, such as Twitter Article Promotion, you'll be presented with a variety of fields to populate. A notable feature of Anyword is the dynamic audience, where the tool recommends an audience for your content based on earlier entered data.