Draft or Skyword - Who Takes The Crown

This article provides an in-depth comparison between two major content creation platforms, Draft and Skyword. It covers aspects such as writer expertise, platform experience, pricing models, content quality, and revisions policy, helping businesses make an informed decision for their content needs.

Words matter more than you might think. In fact, they make up the beating heart of successful content marketing. The proof is everywhere you look:

●      Insightful blog posts that provide value to readers

●      Captivating social media posts that build community and brand love

●      In-depth ebooks offering expert guidance or knowledge

●      Persuasive case studies showcasing your product or service success stories

●      Engaging email newsletters keeping subscribers informed and connected with your brand

In comes Draft—a rising platform shaking up the existing content creation ecosystem. Formerly known as Contently, Draft aims to get ahead in this race against time-tested giants such as Skyword by offering premium services that go above and beyond.

Between these two major players in creative content solutions, what makes one a superior choice over another?

Comparative Analysis

Your choice of a content platform can feel like handing over your business' voice to someone else. It's understandably nerve-wracking. A financial and strategic challenge. Therefore, it's not a decision to take lightly. We recognize this and aim to make your decision-making process smoother with our deep-dive comparison of Draft and Skyword.

Knowing that businesses like yours look for consistent quality and user-friendly experience, we decided to roll our sleeves up and create a detailed analysis comparing Draft and Skyword.

Writer Expertise


- Highly selective (top 1% accepted)

- Extensive skills testing


- Large global talent pool

- Rigorous screening process

Platform Experience


- Simple, intuitive interface

- Easy project management


- More complex platform

- Robust analytics

Pricing Model


- Simple flat rate pricing ($0.10/word)

- Free revisions

- No hidden fees


- Not transparent on pricing

- Monthly fees likely required

Content Quality


- 100% human-written

- Consistent high-quality


- Good quality expected

- More features than just writing

Revisions Policy


- Unlimited free revisions


- Unclear revision policy

Key Advantages


- Exceptional writers

- Stress-free experience

- Budget-friendly pricing


- International talent pool

- Comprehensive media services

- Brand establishment

The Writers

The role of a writer is paramount. They are the architects painting your vision with words. In the era of artificial intelligence and cookie-cutter content, nothing resonates with your target audience more than original, human-written stories that echo their thoughts, reflect their needs, and engage them in conversation.

Let's see how Draft and Skyword stack up in terms of their noteworthy writing resources available.

Draft’s Writers

Real businesses deserve real writers, and that's exactly what we offer at Draft. Unlike other platforms where anyone can sign up to be a writer, we put our potential team members through a rigorous screening process.

The results speak for themselves. Our average rating for writers on the platform is 4.8 out of 5 stars, a testament to the satisfaction of businesses that have trusted us with their content needs. Our testing covers every critical aspect of content creation, such as grammar proficiency, creative storytelling abilities, research skills, and more.

With this vetting process in place, only the top 1% of applicants from native English-speaking countries make it through our doors. But there's more! To keep quality levels high on our platform, we don’t stop at just one check. We regularly review our list of approved writers who fail to maintain their high standards over time.

Skyword’s Writers

Skyword's approach to writer selection mirrors ours. Their writers, hailing from 59 countries globally, go through an equally exhaustive examination of their writing skills before joining the platform. An international pool can be an asset when you require a culturally nuanced tone or a region-specific vernacular in your content.

But tread cautiously; it might also pose communication or understanding issues, particularly for sensitive subjects or industries.

Alongside writers, Skyword flaunts a lineup of graphic designers, videographers, and photographers to provide comprehensive creative solutions. However, this diverse portfolio begs the question of how dedicated they are to cultivating exceptional written content.

While Skyword is on the right track in terms of casting a wide net for global talent, they tip-toe into somewhat uncharted territories by making you an employer rather than simply a client. Essentially, Skyword wants you to add their selected talent to your teams and then manage them internally, possibly adding unnecessary complexity for smaller teams who simply want quality-written content.

Platform Ease of Use

The best platform is invisible, something that you don't have to think about. It should feel smooth and simple so that you can focus on the vital task at hand: creating content.

Draft’s Platform

Our motto for Draft's platform is absolute simplicity.

We've designed it, so submitting a project only takes five minutes. Our dashboard is also simple. You cut through the clutter and get directly to what you need, whether crafting a brief, messaging a writer, or requesting edits.

Need help finding great topics? We've got AI tools for that. What if you need an impressive headline? There's an AI tool for that, too. Can't find words for your outline? Yes, we’ve got an AI tool there as well. Everything in Draft is designed with one thing in mind, and that is ease of use.

Navigating Draft’s dashboard is a breeze. We have heard nightmare stories of cluttered dashboards with so many bells and whistles that users lose their way before they even start. That's not our style. Our dashboard is simplistic yet highly functional, offering all the necessary features at your disposal without overwhelming you. On Draft's dashboard, each feature, from ideation to submission, has its place and is easy to locate.


Over at Skyword, the scenario isn’t quite as rosy. Their platform feels crowded and complicated. If all you need is written content, you'll find yourself navigating through a minefield of unrelated features.

The outcome is a result of Skyword offering visual content services, too. However, this can be rather overwhelming and unnecessary for those whose needs are strictly textual.

They do score brownie points with their extensive analytics feature that goes into reporting KPIs and more. But here, too, some users claim it to be so complex that decoding it becomes a chore rather than an advantage.

They seem to be more suited towards larger corporations with substantial budgets who can take advantage of their many features like Audits and Training. To their credit, though, customer support is exemplary for Skyword. You've got assistance readily available on the website and over the phone.


As a business owner or manager, pricing will likely influence your decision. Naturally, you'd want a straightforward pricing structure to fit your budget.

Draft’s Pricing

Our approach at Draft is to keep it simple and cost-effective. Our flat rate of $0.10 per word says it all. No hidden costs or commitments sneaking up on you, and certainly no baffling monthly fees. We are all about offering value for money and maintaining transparency.

We throw in research, royalty-free images, and unlimited revisions. All this for the same old price. That's not all. For us, customer support isn’t just about being available. Our live chat personnel are always ready to help you with the insight they bring from dealing with hundreds of businesses like yours every day.

Moreover, when we say risk-free trial, we mean it. If you’re convinced yet, order your first 4,000 words and see if we're worth our salt. In any case where you’re not 100% satisfied, you'll get 100% of your money back. Don't forget that each piece purchased comes with unlimited revisions if all you need is a few tweaks.

Skyword Pricing

On the other hand, Skyword's pricing structure tends to be a bit elusive. They don't provide direct information on their website, typically an indication that you might be in for some sticker shock after spending valuable time with a sales rep.

And what we found from independent reviews and discussions wasn’t encouraging for small-scale businesses. The whispers in the industry hint at numbers between $5,000-$30,000 per month! That's quite a leap for many businesses just needing quality content creation.

Comparatively speaking, Draft emerges as the pocket-friendly option that provides exceptional value without compromising on quality or service.

Content Quality

All this comparison would mean nothing if we didn't touch on the most crucial aspect: content quality.

Here's the thing with Skyword. They offer good, probably even great, content. However, they wrap it up in layers of features and services you may not need or want. On the flip side, Draft keeps it simple and elegant.

We value that your time is precious. And that's why at Draft, we focus on providing you with high-quality content without too many bells and whistles, as you can see from our samples page.

Finally, we touch upon the subject of revisions. Revisions matter because no one knows your brand or your brain better than you. Even an excellent writer may need a nudge to capture the essence of your vision optimally in written words. Hence, revisions allow for refining and polishing until the final product perfectly resonates with your brand identity.

With Draft offering unlimited revisions free of cost as part of their service package, there is always scope for improvement toward perfection in every piece crafted for you. Skyword’s stand on this isn’t quite clear from what's available publicly.

Benefits of Draft

There are core reasons why Draft rises as a superior choice for your content needs.

The benefits of using Draft span beyond a user-friendly interface or simple messaging. It's about efficient, effective, and easy content creation without unnecessary complexities. Our clients prefer to manage their metrics using dedicated tools like Google Analytics instead of being bombarded with data on our platform.

There’s a reason businesses choose us over more cluttered platforms like Skyword. Here are the words straight from one of our many satisfied clients:

"We observed a substantial 25% increase in web traffic within the first six months and a 20% uplift in social engagement metrics using content created by Draft.com. Highly recommend." - Amy @ Simply Me-dia

Final Thoughts

Let's do a quick recap. Draft offers an easy-to-navigate platform, human-written and creative content that converts, affordable pricing, exceptional service backed by committed customer support, and, lastly, unlimited revisions ensuring perfection. Skyword does offer similar services but also piles on with additional offerings that may not resonate with businesses purely seeking quality text-based content.

In conclusion, for the ones that are after beautiful words that grasp your vision and transform into engaging stories evoking responses, Draft is your ultimate choice.

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