Draft vs iWriter: Navigating the Best in Content Writing Marketplaces

Get high-quality, publish-ready content swiftly with Draft's vetted writers across a broad range of topics. Experience uninterrupted quality and speed with Uber-style ratings, AI tools, and tech-enabled collaboration features.

 Are you in search of the ideal content writing platform to spearhead your content creation objectives? Draft and iWriter emerge as two prominent contenders among a plethora of available options. Both bring to the table unique features and advantages that assist you in generating superior content. But how well do they compete against each other? In this blog post, we'll delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two major players in content creation. We'll explore everything from their screening processes and cost structures to user experiences, equipping you with all the necessary information to choose the platform that best aligns with your business requirements.


What is Draft?


Functioning as a content writing marketplace, Draft links customers with proficient writers. The platform's scope of services spans across various content forms, embracing blog posts and advertorial copy. Clients enjoy the flexibility of submitting their content requests either through the platform's in-built brief builder or by uploading their personalized brief. In the span of 24 hours, Draft aligns the customer's project with the most appropriate writer, who promptly initiates work on the brief. As a commitment to supreme quality, Draft provides free content revisions and rewrites, assuring that clients accept content that is ready for publication within the agreed deadline.


Services offered by Draft


As a comprehensive content writing marketplace, Draft expertly pairs clients with skilled and vetted writers capable of delivering a variety of content, ranging from blog posts to ad copies. Through the platform's user-friendly content request service, clients have the ability to place consistent content orders from their preferred writers.


What truly sets Draft apart is its quick turnaround time. Within a single day, clients are matched with the writer best equipped to work on their project, thus expediting the content creation process. Moreover, Draft stands by the quality of its content with its offer of free revisions and rewrites, ensuring clients receive publish-ready content within set deadlines.


Draft offers unique tools like the idea generator and brief builder that use AI to provide content ideas or help draft a brief. The platform also facilitates client-writer communication through chat features and streamlines content adjustments with specific editorial workflows.


Quality is a major priority for Draft, reflected in their thorough vetting of writers, careful to cover a wide range of topics and areas of expertise. Rest assured that all content produced is plagiarism-free and 100% human-generated, covering a slew of formats like blog posts, web content, marketing emails, and more.


With its pay-as-you-go pricing model, Draft allows clients to simultaneously request multiple content pieces without any financial strain. Preliminary research is also conducted by the platform prior to the content creation process, ensuring a foundation of strong insights.


Services offered by iWriter


iWriter is an all-inclusive content writing platform that offers a variety of services across different pricing models to suit your unique content needs.


With tiered options such as EditAI, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of content services offered at different price points. All tiers include services such as content creation for up to 10,000 words, free proofreading, unlimited revisions, plagiarism detection, and four varying export options. Additionally, users have access to a client-specific dashboard and can maintain direct contact with their assigned writer or editor.


Each tier offers specific advantages:


- Basic ($0.01 per word): This includes AI-generated content, carefully edited by human eyes to ensure accuracy and coherence.

- Premium ($0.02 per word): Offers content created by basic level writers and includes dedicated support.

- Elite ($0.04 per word): For a faster turnaround, this service level has advanced writers that also conduct keyword research for SEO-optimized content.

- Elite Plus ($0.08 per word): This is the top tier. It guarantees content written by expert level, native-English writers. This includes everything from keyword, topic research, to frequent writer quality checks, and ensures the fastest turnaround time.


iWriter's streamlined process provides fast and reliable service. After setting up a free account, you can easily request the type of content you need, which will be prepared and delivered by a writer. The content then goes through your review and approval. Then, simply download your ready-to-publish content and repeat the process as needed. With this effective system, iWriter ensures a fuss-free content creation experience.


Comparative Analysis


Draft's vetting process


Draft places high value on the proficiency of its writers, restricting platform access exclusively to native English speakers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. This commitment guarantees top-notch content quality.


During the application process, prospective writers must disclose their geographical location and have the option to share their LinkedIn profiles. This information aids Draft in verifying the writer's legitimacy and professional background. Applicants must also submit portfolio links showcasing their sample work and detailing their copywriting experience and topic specialties.


Upon receiving these elements, Draft's internal team performs a thorough assessment of each applicant. Market access is only granted to those who meet Draft's stringent quality standards. This comprehensive vetting process ensures that clients are paired not only with skilled but dependable writers.


iWriter’s vetting process


iWriter carries out a review and validation of the applicant's Linkedin profile, followed by a couple of brief questions.


If you pass the test you will be on their platform and ready to write (at the time of this article, iWriter is not accepting new writer applications). However, only writers who display a consistent track record of producing excellent content will earn a position in the elite tier of premium writers.


User experience on Draft


1. Getting started with Draft is a breeze. Simply click on 'Get Started', enter your email and password, and you're set to explore the platform!



2. As soon as you sign up and log in, you’ll instantly get a feel for the platform's user-friendly dashboard. To place your first content request, navigate to the top right corner of the screen.


3. Next, specify the type of content you require, add a title, select a topic, and decide on the word count. More detailed your request is, the better the end product will be. Therefore, refrain from hurrying while providing your specifications.



4. Before finalizing your request, take a moment to thoroughly review. An estimated delivery date will be displayed showing when your content is expected to be ready. Once you enter your payment details and confirm your request, you're all set! This entire process from registration to placing the first content request typically takes about 10-15 minutes.



Draft’s interface is packed with useful features readily available in the left sidebar. The 'Content Idea Generator', backed by AI, is particularly noteworthy for sparking unique content ideas. The 'Saved for Later' feature provides a space to store briefs for future use or revision.


One particular highlight is the feature allowing you to manage a team of your preferred writers - writers with whom you have established a trusted relationship and who consistently deliver high-quality content. This feature ensures a steady flow of top-quality content from your trusted writer crew.


User experience on iWriter


iWriter has a straightforward process for customers that can be found on their landing page. However, we’ll show you in detail how the platform works below.



1. Get started by clicking Order Custom Content Now from the landing page. You’ll be redirected to a page to enter your personal details.



2. You’ll have to add money to your funds before requesting your content


3. When clicking on the Order Content button, you’ll be prompted with the request details. You may also choose to send your request to only iWriters you’ve had experienced with before and trust their writing. Additionally, you may select from top rated writers on iWriters platform and view their stats.