Comparing Content Creation Platforms - Draft vs. WriterAccess

This article provides a detailed comparison between two leading content creation platforms, Draft and WriterAccess. It covers aspects like writer selection, content ordering, pricing, quality control, and revisions policy to help businesses make an informed decision.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much written content you consume per day? The digital world is filled with words. Articles and blog posts, emails, and social media updates. They are everywhere. And it's easy to see why by looking at these case studies!

This type of storytelling can attract customers, boost SEO, and strengthen your brand image. But creating it isn't as straightforward as it may seem. You need a dependable platform to supplement your creativity with skillful writers.

That's why we're here to discuss Draft and one of its primary competitors, WriterAccess. The two platforms offer similar services, meaning they connect businesses with a pool of talented writers who provide high-quality content at scale. However, subtle differences between them could greatly impact your decision.

Comparative Analysis

Whenever you're making a significant business decision (like choosing a writing agency), it's helpful to put your options under the microscope and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. To help guide you on this quest, we've prepared a detailed analysis of Draft and WriterAccess.


Writer Expertise


- Highly selective

- Rigorous vetting and screening


- Open door policy

- Less selective screening

Ordering Process


- Intuitive interface

- Useful AI tools to assist


- Dated interface

- Unique niche creation tools

Pricing Model


- Simple per word pricing ($0.10/word)

- No hidden fees


- Monthly membership fees

- Variable writer rates

- Extra managed services fees

Content Quality Control


- Consistent high quality

- Writers closely monitored


- Unpredictable quality

- Varies by writer tier

Revisions Policy


- Unlimited free revisions


- Unlimited free revisions

Key Advantages


- Top 1% of talent

- Predictable budgeting

- Hassle-free


- Large writer pool

- Managed services

- Unique creation tools

The Writers

In baseball, it's the player who hits the winning home run and earns the standing ovation. But in content creation services? It all starts with the writers. Behind every high-performing campaign, there are skilled writers. They're the ones who keep the words flowing and deliver expert articles time after time. Their talent and skill are ultimately what engages your readers. In turn, your site ranks higher on search engines, and you ultimately build a solid relationship between your brand and audience.

Hiring one today requires tact. It is harder than finding somebody who can string words together, though. These are SEO-savvy creatives who know how to:

●      Captivate audiences

●      Adapt their writing style

●      Craft narratives around complex ideas

●      Keep things fresh in an ocean of online content.

Draft's Writer Selection

Draft sets a high bar when it comes to writer selection. Only the top 1% of applicants from across native English-speaking countries make it through. Our thorough application process kick-starts with tests that are hand-reviewed by our team. A priority of ours is ensuring all our writers are able to deliver exemplary work consistently.

In fact, thanks to our meticulous curation process, we have managed to maintain an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for our writers! Plus, with a rewrite rate of under 1%, that means more than 99% of the content they deliver hits the mark from the get-go.

Contrary to platforms offering low-effort or AI-generated content, Draft sticks true to providing authentic human-led work. To put it succinctly, we mean business when it comes to crafting real content for real businesses.

WriterAccess’ Process

On the flip side, WriterAccess optimizes quantity over selective quality. With a pool of 15,000+ writers available on their platform, that's around 15x as many as Draft. It's more a case of getting whoever happens to be available.

WriterAccess has an open-door policy where all kinds of writers, from beginners to professional freelancers, can apply and get accepted. Their application process is less detailed and focused on grammar and SEO comprehension without tapping into creativity. Once in, they're sorted into categories ranging from 2-star to 6-star based on quality.

Looking for the best writers on WriterAccess is no walk in the park, either. You'll first have to comb through countless writer portfolios that consist of bios, samples, work experience, and more. You could end up spending quite a lot of time just finding your ideal writer or paying extra to offload this task onto someone else.

Ease of Use of Each Platform

Let's get something straight: a perfect content marketing platform should be all about helping you save precious time so your energy can be channeled into other areas of your business. That boils down to finding a provider that doesn't make navigation feel like an uphill battle.

In terms of aesthetics and functionality, there aren't too many stark differences between Draft and WriterAccess. Both use impactful AI tools to help create useful content briefs, find trending topics, or locate writers in seconds. It may come down to a matter of preference when deciding between the two user interfaces.

If we really have to break it down, then communication is where Draft shines the brightest. Draft's in-app messaging feature makes it easy for you to directly connect with the writer working on your project, making instruction sharing and revisions quicker.

While WriterAccess does offer unique features like Persona Builder and Journey Map Builder – these are more niche applications that may not be beneficial for everyone.


At the end of the day, pricing is a factor that holds a heavy influence over your decision. As a marketer or small business owner, you want every cent to be well spent without draining your funds.

Therefore, a cohesive and straightforward pricing model can make it easy for you to plan your finances.

Draft's Pricing

Draft's pricing model prioritizes simplicity and transparency. We operate through a flat $0.10 per word that ensures you get human-written content without any commitment, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Draft believes in offering maximum value at this price. Therefore, it includes vital services such as research, royalty-free images, live chat support, and unlimited free revisions!

Added to this is access to customer tools for content creation, such as briefs and ideation tools. Even better? Draft also offers a risk-free trial. You can order the first 4000 words with the assurance of getting your money back if you're not completely satisfied. In fact, every purchase effectively comes with an inbuilt guarantee due to our unlimited revisions offer.

WriterAccess Pricing

WriterAccess follows a slightly more complex pricing structure. To access their writing platform, you are required to pay a monthly membership fee. It varies from $39/month to as much as $499/month. This fee becomes mandatory before even thinking about ordering content.