Weighing Your Options - Insights on Draft and ClearVoice Content Services

This article provides a comprehensive comparison between two content creation services, Draft and ClearVoice. It covers aspects such as writer selection, platform usability, pricing models, and content quality to help businesses make an informed decision.

In the fast-paced world of content marketing, a decade feels like a lifetime. ClearVoice has been a player in this game for that long. They started their journey when content marketing was still finding its roots and have tried their best to keep up with the times.

Today, we introduce the new kid on the block — Draft. Both ClearVoice and Draft offer content creation services, but they follow different paths to try and scale the same mountain.

Since having quality-written content is critical for expanding your brand visibility and connecting with customers on a personal level, choosing the right partner can make or break a marketing campaign. This page outlines how Draft stacks up against ClearVoice in this arena.

Comparative Analysis

We get it; making business decisions can be tough, especially when it's about picking the right content provider. After all, your marketing success depends on it. With this in mind, we've put Draft and ClearVoice side by side to ease this process for you. Let’s walk through major facets like writer selection, platform usability, pricing models, and, of course, content quality.

By examining these key areas closely, we'll help you see what sets Draft apart from ClearVoice.

Writer Expertise


- 1000+ writers from English-speaking countries

- Rigorous vetting process


- Open submissions model

- Writers submit resumes/samples (CVs)

Writer Communication


- Direct in-platform messaging

- Preferred writers list


- Writers bid on projects

- Freelancers can pitch directly

Content Development


- AI tools for ideation and creation

- 100% human-written content


- Optional design services bundled

Content Quality


- Consistent, high-quality writing

- Plagiarism checks

- AI detection


- Longstanding presence

- Acceptable quality control

Cost Breakdown


- $0.10/word

- Free revisions

- No subscription fees


- Managed plans recommended

- Unclear overall pricing

Review Policy


- Revision support included

- Iterative process


- Unclear revision policy

Core Advantages


- Top 1% writers

- State-of-the-art platform

- Transparent pricing


- Open submissions model

- Additional design services

- Established reputation

The Writers

Ever heard the saying, "You're only as good as your team"? It rings true in content creation, too. The power of quality content lies in the hands of skilled writers who craft meaningful words into impactful narratives.

When it comes to quality content creation, having human writers is paramount. Nothing can beat a human touch in creating authentic stories that resonate with people, strike an emotional chord, and lead to meaningful connections between a brand and its audience.

Here's how both companies onboard new writers.

Draft’s Writers

Top-quality content comes from top-quality writers, and we live by this every day at Draft. Our doors are open only to the best of the best, and our acceptance rates typically hover around 1%, taking in writers primarily from English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

How do we get such exceptional writers onboard? We refine them through a rigorous application process that's carefully reviewed by experienced professionals on our team. We check for:

●      Grammar skills

●      Creativity

●      Ability to adhere to guidelines

●      Punctuality

●      Openness to Revision

●      Proficiency in understanding complex topics

●      Ability to translate data into compelling narratives

●      Expertise in different content types & styles.

●      Strong research skills.

To keep our commitment to quality firm, we regularly refresh our writer list. Any deviation from stringent standards rings the exit bell.

ClearVoice’s Writers

Unlike Draft, ClearVoice takes a somewhat different approach when hiring writers. Instead of putting potential writers through internal testing, they operate on a CV-based system.

Writers are asked to upload a short bio, provide samples of their previous work, and list their areas of expertise—pretty much like an online resume display for content creators. Following this process, they must then sit back and wait for clients to discover them among the pool of CVs.

This 'wait-and-watch' approach can be compared to casting a vast net in the ocean and hoping you'll catch some good fish while trying to keep out the sea debris. It presents ample choice but also requires considerable time and effort from your end as you sift through numerous CVs for the right candidate.

Ease of Use

Navigating an online platform shouldn't feel like figuring out a puzzle. It should be smooth and intuitive so you can focus on what truly matters: running other facets of your business. That's what outsourcing is all about, after all. When scaling your content needs, ease of use becomes even more critical as every minute counts.

A simple, easy-to-use platform saves you time, making the process efficient while ensuring you're in complete control.

Draft’s Platform

Draft offers a sleek, modern platform that gives you instant access to all your content jobs. Our dashboard epitomizes user-friendliness and an efficient design structure where simplicity meets resourcefulness. Side note: we also have an extensive Resource Section.

Further simplifying your content creation process, we've designed AI tools that allow our customers to create content briefs and recognize topics in seconds flat. Writers can be matched swiftly using Draft’s proprietary AI-powered assistant per the task's requirement.

What's more, submitting revisions is super easy. Our in-job messaging feature allows for seamless communication between you and your writer. If you have a favorite writer who understands your brand essence, great! You can add them to your preferred list for consistent tonality across all pieces of content.

We also understand businesses need integrated solutions to keep things running smoothly, so Draft also offers integrations with Zapier.

ClearVoice’s Platform

ClearVoice, on the other hand, offers an old-school approach to its platform. Here's how it works: you share your content needs in a proposal and wait as writers place their bids.

It might feel a bit like an auction where the power lies with the highest bidder. However, this approach can quickly turn into a ‘race to the bottom’ with quality sometimes taking a back seat while price becomes the deciding factor.

Finding top-quality writers can become tedious and time-consuming as you sift through multiple proposals and CVs. Despite these challenges, ClearVoice's dashboard is pretty straightforward, and they do have one unique proposition where freelancers can directly pitch to you.

However, they lack the modern AI tools that Draft provides its users for improved efficiency and smoother experience.


Business decisions are often down to the numbers. Every penny saved is a penny earned! When you invite a content partner on board, ensuring their pricing model fits your budget and offers clear value for money is key.

Draft’s Pricing

At Draft, we believe in simplicity and transparency, particularly in pricing. We've constructed a straightforward pricing model of $0.10 per word. No monthly commitments, no hidden fees lurking in the fine print – what you see is exactly what you get.

Not sure about hopping aboard just yet? That's OK. Test drive with our risk-free trial. You can order your first 4000 words of content, and if you aren't entirely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Every purchase is subject to a similar promise because we offer unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.

Research for credibility, royalty-free images for visual appeal, unlimited free revisions to fulfill your vision correctly, and live-chat support whenever needed are all included in the price. Plus, access to our customer tools that assist with effective content creation.

ClearVoice Pricing

ClearVoice's approach to pricing disclosure follows a less transparent route. Ironically, ClearVoice isn’t so “clear” on this front. Only vague outlines of their four membership plans - Managed, On-Demand, Projects, and DIY are listed on their website.

Their strong push towards managed content plans might not align with everyone's needs, potentially leading to excess expenditure that could have been avoided. In addition to payment for the content pieces created, you must account for a recurring monthly membership fee.

The absence of openness regarding price communication is a red flag. It could make it seem like they’re hiding something or maybe only catering to high-ticket businesses. That's a costly game of hide-and-seek, which could result in losing valuable time and resources just finding out about their fees.

Content Quality

Finally, we swing our spotlight to perhaps the most important aspect of a content creation service. The quality of content it can deliver.

Although they have different approaches elsewhere on their platforms, it's safe to say that both Draft and ClearVoice aim to provide great-performing articles. Regardless of which platform you end up choosing, you can expect excellent results.

Draft assures human craftsmanship behind every piece delivered. A guarantee for genuine stories shaped by human sensibilities. You're always assured the writing meets rigorous standards every time. There is no chance of plagiarism, while readability ranks high with Flesch-Kincaid metrics.

ClearVoice often brings more hands to deck as they may pair writers with designers for holistic content creation. However, remember their integrated design services come at an added charge per project. While Draft doesn’t offer design services outrightly as ClearVoice does, we do include free-to-use stock photography across any projects upon request, streamlining visual-text coupled outputs.

Revision Policy

Content creation isn't usually a one-and-done process. There's a high possibility that the final draft would need tweaks and adjustments to align perfectly with your vision, tone, and style. Revisions are thus an essential part of shaping your perfect content narrative.

At Draft, we understand that you may have specific changes in mind after viewing the initial delivery, and we're here to fulfill them all. We consider revisions part of our service offering. Therefore, they are completely free and unlimited until they meet your satisfaction.

When looking at ClearVoice's revision policy, things become a bit murky. They don’t make clear whether they offer free revisions or not.

Benefits of Draft

Draft keeps pace with the modern world. We introduce and implement tools that only push us forward. It’s not just about hiring writers but providing a smooth pathway for quality content to reach you swiftly and simply.

And we're not the only ones who believe Draft's advantage lies in its meticulous recruitment, AI-driven tools for seamless service, and transparent pricing structure. Real user testimonials support it, too:

"We've used Draft to publish articles that have been a huge source of traffic for us. Something that we never would have had the capacity to do if we weren't using Draft."

- Marketing team @ Pay the Nanny


So there you have it - a detailed round-up of Draft vs. ClearVoice for your content creation needs. Both undoubtedly contribute to the marketing world, but as is clear from our pointed comparison, Draft surfaces as the superior choice for businesses.

Our focus always remains on serving you better through updates and innovations that keep us future-ready. A service should be more than just a service; it should be an experience packed with convenience and effective results.

Sign up today with Draft’s platform and witness the seamless blend of technology-led efficiency and native human creativity.

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