Comparing Draft and Verblio: A Review of Top Content Writing Marketplaces

This article provides an in-depth comparison of Draft and Verblio, two major content creation platforms. It offers insights into their features, vetting processes, pricing models, and user experiences to aid businesses in choosing the perfect content writing marketplace for their needs.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect content writing marketplace to drive your content creation strategy? Draft and Verblio are two standout options in the sea of available platforms. Both offer unique features and benefits to aid you in producing high-quality content - but how do they stack up against each other? In this blog article, we'll be diving deep into a side-by-side comparison of these two content creation heavyweights. From their vetting processes to pricing models and user experiences, we'll cover all you need to know, helping you make an informed decision about which platform is the best fit for your business needs.

What is Draft?


Draft serves as a content writing marketplace connecting customers with established writers. The platform offers a wide range of services, covering everything from blog posts to ad copy. Customers have the flexibility to place their content orders using either the platform's brief builder or by uploading a brief of their own. Within a 24 hour period, Draft matches the customer with the most suitable writer for their specific project, who begins working on the brief promptly. To ensure the highest quality, Draft offers complimentary revisions and content redoing, ensuring that clients receive publish-ready content within the predetermined deadline.


Services offered by Draft


For those curious about the specific service offerings of Draft, here's a clear summary. Draft connects you with vetted writers who deliver quality content, which can range from blog posts to ad copy. Clients can regularly request content from these preferred writers through the platform's content request service. What sets Draft apart is its quick turnaround - within 24 hours, it matches clients with the most suited writer for their project. The result? Publish-ready content complete with free revisions and rewrites.


Draft also assists with assembling a writing team that understands your brand and editorial guidelines as well as providing chat features and specific editorial workflows to simplify content adjustments. A unique offering is their feature called the idea generator and brief builder, leveraging AI tools to stir up content ideas or draft a brief.


Ensuring quality, Draft thoroughly vets its writers, ensuring a wide range of topics and areas of expertise. The platform also incorporates plagiarism detection on all produced content, and guarantees 100% human-generated content. A variety of formats are catered for, including but not limited to, blog posts, social posts, webpage copy, and marketing emails.


Services offered by Verblio


Verblio positions itself as the go-to platform for content writing services tailored to marketers and SEOs.


Verblio offers services for a variety of content needs, ranging from blog posts, articles, and web copy to local landing pages and large content projects. Regardless of the niche - from astrology to zoology - Verblio ensures that content creation fits your or your clients' specific requirements.


Furthermore, if a completely human-led blog writing service is what you prefer, with no AI involved in the process, Verblio can cater to that too. The integration of human writers and editors at key stages ensures that the AI-assisted content has a human touch, bringing together the best of both worlds — speed, affordability, and quality.


Verblio also offers services for agencies and enterprise with key features to manage a team of writers and additional support.


Comparative Analysis


Draft's vetting process


Draft attaches great importance to the caliber of its writers. The platform is strictly limited to native English speakers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, promising unbeatable quality in the content delivered.


As part of their application process, writers are required to reveal their geographical location and, optionally, their LinkedIn profile. This helps Draft to confirm the writer's authenticity and background. Writers must also provide portfolio links that display their sample works and define their background in copywriting, along with the content categories they specialize in.


Following the receipt of these details, Draft's in-house team conducts a meticulous review of each writer. Admission to the marketplace is only granted to those who fulfill Draft's rigorous quality criteria. This in-depth vetting process ensures that clients are matched with not just talented, but reliable writers.


Verblio’s vetting process


The vetting process for writers at Verblio is moderately more inclusive. Verblio writers are vetted for English fluency and expertise.


Unlike some companies that only admit the top fraction of applicants, Verblio embraces a wider pool of talent. To maintain quality, the company regularly communicates with its writers, ensuring they adhere to guidelines and produce successful work. Verblio's system for rating writers is comprehensive and equitable, further balancing out its broader acceptance rate.


User experience on Draft


1. Launching with Draft is an effortless journey. Simply give 'Get Started' a click, input your email and password, and you're good to go!



2. Once you've signed up and logged in, the dashboard's intuitiveness becomes quite apparent. To kick off with your first piece of content request, steer your way to the top right corner of the screen.


3. Then, select the content type you wish for, giving a title, picking a topic, and deciding on a word count. The more information in your request, the better the output. So, take it slow as you lay down your requirements.



4. Before hitting submit, review your request. An estimated delivery date will be displayed, indicating when you can expect the content. As you enter your payment details and validate your request, you're done and dusted! The total process from signing up to requesting your inaugural piece of content takes a fair 10-15 minutes.



Alongside, Draft's interface packs several convenient tools on the left sidebar. The 'Content Idea Generator' stands out, using AI to spark up creative content notions for you. The 'Saved for Later' tab offers a safe spot to stash briefs for later use or reuse.


A standout feature allows you to manage your preferred writers' team—writers you've established a solid rapport with and consistently yield high-quality content. This feature permits the maintenance of a trusted writers' pool, promising quality and regularity in your content.


User experience on Verblio


1. Get started by clicking Sign Up from the top right