Draft vs. TextBroker - The Future of Content Creation Platforms

This article provides a deep-dive comparison between TextBroker and Draft, two significant players in content creation. It critically evaluates the platforms, highlighting their writer selection, platform experience, pricing, and content quality. If you're in a dilemma about which platform to choose, this piece will help you decide.

Once upon a time, TextBroker was the shining star in content creation. They led the charge, breaking ground as pioneers. They were once spoken of with respect and considered a household name for content creators. Unfortunately, this glamorous image has been tarnished over time. In recent years, TextBroker has been tagged a "content mill," and it's not a compliment. This term implies cheap, subpar content churned out en masse.

In contrast to this fading star is Draft, a new entrant that's making waves in the industry. Draft is here to compete head-to-head with established pioneers like TextBroker yet offers a fresh approach to creativity in content creation. Both platforms act as gateways connecting businesses and writers. However, their strategies couldn't be more different.

This guide contrasts Draft against TextBroker in an enlightening showdown between these two platforms. With all cards on the table, we want you to make an informed decision regarding your preferred choice for content creation services.

Comparative Analysis

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you have two products side by side. You know they perform similar functions, yet you sense that there is more to them. Differences beneath the surface. This feeling often leads us to dig deeper, compare features, and weigh the pros and cons.

TextBroker and Draft are both platforms that offer content creation services. But who does it better?

Writer Expertise


- Robust selection process

- Ongoing performance reviews


- Open door policy

- Focus on quantity over quality

Platform Experience


- Modern interface

- Useful AI tools


- Dated platform

- Limited features

Pricing Model


- Simple per-word pricing ($0.10/word)

- Free revisions


- Pay-per-star system

- Cheapest writers are ~2¢/word

Content Quality


- Satisfaction guarantee

- Consistent high-quality


- Varies greatly

- Reputation as a "content mill"

Revisions Policy


- Unlimited free revisions


- Limited 72-hour revision window

Key Strengths


- Top 1% writers

- State-of-the-art platform

- Budget-friendly pricing


- Established presence

- Large writer pool

- Lowest price offering

The Writers

Anyone with a laptop can call themselves a writer. They jump on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, promising to crank out excellent content for businesses. But good writing isn't that easy to find. In fact, the market is oversaturated, and it's harder now than ever to nail down the real talents.

Draft's Writers

At Draft, we set a high bar for quality. Our platform boasts writers from the top 1% drawn from native English-speaking countries. Think the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Still, we don’t just recruit and let our talent pool run while. We regularly assess our writers' performance and provide constructive feedback to help them improve. If they cannot, they are removed from the platform.

Sticking to this approach allows us to maintain a superb average rating of 4.8/5 stars and keep rewrite rates under 1%. This way, our clients always receive top-notch content crafted by real professionals.

To assure such excellence in writing standards:

●      We meticulously screen prospective writers

●      Applicants undergo strict tests for grammar

●      Creative writing abilities are thoroughly examined

●      The ability to meet deadlines is assessed

●      We also check for plagiarism, copyright violations, and the ability to follow client-specific instructions.

TextBroker’s Writers

TextBroker, on the other hand, makes it quite easy for writers to get started. Their key focus is speed rather than quality. Since their model is more focused on mass content production, they need plenty of writers ready to churn out work fast.

This is also reflected in the pay rates for their writers, which can be abysmal. Top-notch writers may not find TextBroker appealing. Instead, it attracts those willing to settle for lower payments.

Here’s a bit about their system that could be viewed as good or bad depending on your perspective: They use a star rating system to grade their writers. You'll find 3-star authors right up to 5-star masters of the craft. But remember, you'll pay more for those top-rated workers.

Platform Ease of Use

An easy-to-use platform can be a lifesaver if you aim to get content at scale. Your focus is on saving time, so the platform must allow simple navigation.

Complexities and complications are the last things you need when creating or ordering your content. A user-friendly interface that reduces time spent figuring out "What's Next?" is crucial when seeking a stellar experience.

Draft’s Platform

When it comes to user-friendliness, Draft is simplicity itself. Our platform is designed so that you can submit a project within 5 minutes. Everything is laid out in an intuitive manner, minimizing the need for guesswork.

Creating a content brief with Draft is also straightforward. We provide AI tools to assist you in doing so. Feel free to use our AI Ideation tool to find topics or our headline generator to get started on your outline. And if you need some help filling out said outline, let our AI content generator lend a hand.

Real-time communication with writers and requesting revisions have also been made easy on the Draft platform. It's uncluttered and user-friendly, from the central dashboard right down to each feature and tool.


Now, let's talk about TextBroker. If we were to joke about it, we might say it seems like they last updated their website in 2005 when they founded the company. It looks a bit old, even slightly clunky.

TextBroker targets businesses on a budget. Perhaps an ultra-sleek interface isn't paramount for them. But aesthetic appeal aside, what about functionality? They do have an API available, which advanced users might find useful.

However, if you prefer simplicity and ease of use over sophistication and complexity, we find Draft’s integration with Zapier much easier to handle. Plus, when it comes to tools that utilize artificial intelligence to enhance content creation processes, you won't find those progressive capabilities with TextBroker.


As a decision-maker for your business, pricing invariably influences your choices. Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it's straightforward. When considering content platforms like Draft and TextBroker, their pricing structures are likely to significantly impact your choice. The balance between cost-effectiveness and quality becomes critical.

Draft’s Pricing

Pricing at Draft is as clear as a summer's day. We believe in simplicity and transparency. You'll only pay 10 cents per word, with no strings attached.

We understand that every penny counts in business. Therefore, we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions. This affordable price tag includes extensive research, royalty-free images, unlimited free revisions, responsive live-chat support, and access to our collection of user-friendly tools for successful content creation.

And here's the icing on the cake. We even offer a try-before-you-buy test run. Order your first 4,000 words from us, and if you're not completely thrilled with what you receive, your money will be returned pronto. And better still—as our valued client, you have the freedom to request limitless revisions until we nail it perfectly for you.

TextBroker Pricing

TextBroker lives in a different neighborhood when it comes to pricing. They aim at clients with tight purses, offering prices that mirror the wallet size with a star system from 3 to 5 stars.

For around 2 cents a word, you can hire a writer rated at three stars. Now, think about it: is quality content conceivable at such low rates? Most professional writers who can deliver premium work won’t accommodate such nominal pay.

If you want their highest-ranked (5-star) writers, be ready to shell out nearly the same amount you would pay at Draft. The quality you'll receive might be similar, but still not on par. It's true that TextBroker’s pricing is transparent, down to providing you with a price calculator for total project cost estimation, so we'll give them that.