Comparing Draft and Human Writers vs AI Copywriting

The battle between human and AI copywriting is taken up a notch as Draft and face off. With a detailed analysis of features and strengths, find out if Draft's human touch or's advanced AI capabilities reign supreme for your business content needs.

Draft vs. Human Writers or AI Copywriting


Draft and, two leading players in the content creation industry, offer unique approaches. Draft serves as a respected marketplace for human writers, while uses advanced AI to generate text. Although both are committed to providing high-quality content, they operate differently.


With Draft, you access a diverse pool of talented writers. Alternatively, enables you to guide AI in creating your desired content. The key question arises - which platform is better suited to your business needs?


In this blog post, we compare Draft and on various parameters such as features, ease of use, pricing, and overall effectiveness in achieving your content generation goals.


What is Draft?


Serving as a comprehensive content writing platform, Draft brings clients and proficient writers together. The platform provides a vast range of services, catering to diverse content types from blog posts to ad copies. Clients can seamlessly specify their content needs using the integrated brief builder or by uploading a custom brief. In a swift and efficient manner, Draft assigns your project to the best-matched writer within a day, who immediately commences work on the brief. With a strong emphasis on quality, Draft provides free content alterations and rewrites, assuring clients receive ready-to-publish content within the given timeframe.


Services offered by Draft


Considered a complete marketplace for content creation, Draft effectively links clients with highly proficient writers who undergo strict vetting procedures. These writers are adept at crafting a wide range of content, from blog articles to ad copies. The platform's refined request service ensures seamless and consistent ordering of high-quality content from preferred writers.


What sets Draft apart is its quick task allotment. Clients are paired with the best match writer within a day, fast-tracking the content creation process. Upholding its dedication to outstanding quality, Draft extends free corrections and rewrites, ensuring delivery of publish-ready content within stipulated time frames.


Staying true to its commitment to excellence, Draft employs a stringent writer screening process, assuring broad coverage of diverse topics and specialities. With Draft, clients can rest assured that their content is 100% human-made, entirely original, and available in various formats, including blog posts, web content, marketing emails, and more.


What is functions as an AI-driven content generation platform, proficient in crafting various forms of marketing content such as blog posts, product summaries, company profiles, ad copies, and social media posts.


The platform boasts an extensive selection of templates that cater to a wide variety of needs. Whether you aim to compose a captivating long-form blog post or devise a well-articulated response to a customer review, effortlessly eliminates the intimidating prospect of starting from scratch.


Services offered by is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance efficiency in content creation. Acting as a brainstorming tool, research aid, and an expert copywriter, it covers various content types including long-form articles, social media content, content briefs, ad copy, and sales copy.


A standout feature of is its capability to generate high-converting, SEO-friendly product descriptions within seconds. This feature aids in distinguishing your brand from generic product pages, providing personalized copy that drives sales.


Large-scale teams can leverage's Workflows feature, designed for creating vast amounts of content consistently. It operates on a simple principle: type the workflow you desire, review the results, and implement it in bulk. Areas of workflow specialization include Ecommerce, Social Media, SEO, and Sales.


Recognizing the value of a unique brand voice, ensures consistency across all content pieces. Furthermore, uses advanced AI models for content creation, promising adaptability, and solution-oriented outputs. Prioritizing data security, adheres to industry-standard practices, keeping your sensitive information secure. In a nutshell, offers a robust AI-assisted platform for all content creation needs.


Comparative Analysis


Draft's vetting process


Draft highly values the competency of its writers, only welcoming native English speakers from countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. This commitment ensures a consistent delivery of top-tier content on the platform.


During the onboarding phase, prospective writers are asked to reveal their geographical locations and optionally, their LinkedIn profiles. This data assists Draft in verifying the writer's authenticity and professional qualifications. Furthermore, candidates are required to share their portfolio links, showcasing their previous work, and detail their copywriting experience and areas of specialization.


After collecting this information, Draft's in-house team conducts a thorough review of each application. Only those who meet Draft's stringent quality criteria are granted access to the marketplace. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that clients are matched with not just skilled, but also dependable writers.'s vetting process


You may be curious about how an AI tool like can vet writers. The truth is, it can't! It's crucial to understand that, like other AI programs, is trained on publicly available data on the internet, which is produced by a wide variety of users. This could include content written by non-native English speakers or even nonsensical text.


As a result, can sometimes generate misleading or 'hallucination' content when dealing with specialized or niche topics. In this context, 'hallucination' refers to instances where the AI generates content it believes to be accurate, but that is ultimately not factual in reality.


User experience on Draft


1. Beginning your journey with Draft is a breeze. Simply click 'Get Started', register with your email and password, and you're all set to explore the platform!



2. Once you've registered and logged in, you'll discover a user-friendly dashboard designed for easy navigation. To place your first content request, navigate to the top right corner of the screen.


3. You'll then specify the type of content you need, input a title, select a topic, and set the word count. Keep in mind, the more detailed your instructions, the better the quality of the content you'll receive. So, take your time to clearly define your requirements.



4. Before confirming your order, ensure you review it thoroughly. An estimated delivery date will be displayed, giving you an idea of when to expect your content. After entering your payment details and confirming your order, you're all set! Typically, this entire process - from registration to placing your first order - takes only 10-15 minutes.


Draft's user interface is packed with useful features located on the left sidebar. The AI-powered 'Content Idea Generator' is especially useful for generating unique content ideas. The 'Saved for Later' function offers a handy space to save briefs for future use or editing.


A standout feature is the ability to maintain a list of your favorite writers - those with whom you've established a reliable relationship and who consistently deliver high-quality content. This feature guarantees a steady stream of top-notch content from your trusted writers.


User experience on


1. After signing up, you’ll land onto their “chat”, where you can interact with the AI to perform various tasks. On the left sidebar, you can find your previous projects or access Templates to start generating content. Infobase is where you can save and re-use information, where you can use hashtags to easily add information to any of your instructions to the AI. Lastly, there are workflows which are step by step workflows to help you generate content like blog articles.



2. Let’s generate a blog article workflow as an example. Here you can see there are inputs asking you for what the blog post should be about, brainstorm a title, and a meta description. You’ll want to click on “Try this Workflow” button at the top.



3. Then, add in the details of what’d you want to make into the Inputs field to make your blog post. In one click, will generate the blog post, title and meta description for you.