Draft vs. Jasper AI: Human Writers or AI Copywriting - A Comprehensive Comparison

This article presents an in-depth comparison between the content creation services of Draft and Jasper AI. It explores their features, ease of use, pricing and proficiency in meeting your content creation needs, helping you determine which platform aligns best with your requirements.

You may already be familiar with Draft as a highly regarded content writing marketplace and Jasper AI, an advanced AI tool celebrated for its exceptional text-generation capabilities. Both offer high-quality content, but their methods differ significantly.


With Draft, you have access to a marketplace brimming with skillful writers. On the other hand, Jasper AI puts you in control, enabling you to command the AI to generate your desired content. Naturally, this raises a critical question - which platform better meets your business needs?


In this blog post, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between Draft and Jasper AI, exploring their features, ease of use, pricing, and overall efficiency in fulfilling your content generation objectives.


What is Draft?


Serving as a comprehensive content writing platform, Draft links clients to proficient writers. The platform offers a wide spectrum of services, encompassing different types of content ranging from blog articles to ad copies. Clients can easily articulate their content needs using either the built-in brief builder or by uploading a custom-made brief. Draft swiftly aligns your project with the best-fit writer within a day, who immediately sets about accomplishing the brief. Keeping a strong focus on quality, Draft provides complimentary content modifications and rewrites, ensuring clients receive ready-to-publish content within the agreed-upon timeframe.


Services offered by Draft


Draft presents itself as a comprehensive marketplace for content writing, expertly linking customers with highly proficient writers, who are rigorously screened and able to create a diverse range of content, from blog articles to advertisement copies. The streamlined request service on the platform makes it effortless for clients to consistently order quality content from their preferred writers.


What sets Draft apart is its swift assignment of projects. Within a day, clients are matched with the best-fit writer to expedite the creative process. Reinforcing its commitment to excellence, Draft offers complimentary revisions and rewrites to ensure all content is ready for publishing within the agreed timeframe.


Armed with unique tools like an AI-powered idea generator and brief builder, Draft simplifies content ideation and brief crafting. It enhances client-writer collaboration through chat features and makes content changes easy with distinct editing procedures.


Remaining steadfast in its commitment to quality, Draft employs a stringent vetting process for writers, ensuring a broad coverage of various topics and specialties. Clients can rest assured that their content is purely human-generated, devoid of plagiarism, and comes in a variety of formats, including blog posts, web content, marketing emails, and more.


Lightening the financial load, Draft's pay-as-you-go pricing model allows clients to request multiple pieces of content simultaneously without busting their budget. Committed to accuracy, the platform also conducts preliminary research before the actual content creation process to ensure the content derived is based on reliable insights.


What is Jasper AI?


Jasper.ai functions as an AI-powered text generator that specializes in creating marketing content including blog entries, product summaries, company descriptions, ad texts, and social media posts.


The platform comes equipped with an extensive selection of templates catering to a wide range of situations – whether you aim to pen an engaging long-form blog article or craft an articulate response to a customer review. It effectively eliminates the intimidating prospect of starting with an empty page.


Presently, Jasper.ai is primarily beneficial for marketing professionals, providing valuable aids to businesses regardless of their size.


Services offered by Jasper AI?


1. AI-based generation of text and imagery

2. Compatibility with Grammarly and various Chrome plugins

3. Record of revisions

4. Automatic saving of content

5. Option to share documents

6. Capability for multiple-user access

7. Content originality checker

8. Customization of brand tone


Additionally, Jasper has additional teams and business tiers. The tiers will allow you to customize more brand tones, allow you to create your own templates for the AI to generate content, API access, analytics, collaboration features and more!


Comparing a human-powered marketplace like Draft to an AI content generation platform such as Jasper isn't exactly a direct comparison. This is due to the factor that with Jasper, you act as the writer, while with Draft, the writing task is outsourced.


Nonetheless, we aim to present a comparative evaluation between Draft and Jasper to help you determine the platform that aligns best with your requirements.


Comparative Analysis


Draft's vetting process


Draft prioritizes the expertise of its writers, ensuring that the platform is open exclusively to native English speakers from countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. This commitment underpins the consistently high-quality content on the platform.


As a part of the onboarding process, prospective writers are required to share their geographical locations and, optionally, their LinkedIn profiles. This data assists Draft in verifying the authenticity and professional qualifications of the writer. Furthermore, applicants must provide links to portfolios exhibiting their previous work and detail their copywriting experience and subject matter proficiencies.


Upon the collection of this information, Draft's internal team rigorously inspects each application. Marketplace access is only accorded to those who meet Draft's stringent quality standards. This comprehensive vetting process ensures clients are connected with not just skilled, but also dependable writers.


Jasper AI’s vetting process


It may appear confusing. How can an AI tool like Jasper AI vet writers? Quite simply, it can't! It's crucial to remember that Jasper AI, much like other AI programs, is trained on publicly accessible data on the internet, which is generated by a wide variety of users. This could encompass content penned by non-native English speakers or even nonsensical text.


As a result, Jasper AI can be prone to producing illusory or 'hallucination' content when dealing with niche or specialist subjects. In this context, 'hallucination' refers to scenarios where the AI creates content it believes to be accurate, but that is ultimately not true in reality.


While Jasper allows you to tailor your account settings to emulate your brand's voice, AI technology is yet to fully master this procedure, particularly when your brand relies heavily on clever humor or contemporary cultural references.


User experience on Draft


1. Embarking on your Draft journey is as simple as can be. Simply click on 'Get Started', register with your email and password, and you're all set to explore the platform!



2. Once you're registered and logged in, you'll immediately find the platform's dashboard intuitively designed for ease of use. To place your first content request, navigate to the top right corner of the screen.


3. Then, specify the kind of content you require, input a title, choose a topic, and set the word count. Remember, the more detail you provide, the better the quality of your resulting content. So, take your time to articulate your requirements.



4. Before hitting 'confirm' on your order, take a moment to review it meticulously. An estimated delivery date will be displayed to let you know when to expect your content. Once you've input your payment details and confirmed your order, you're all set! Typically, this entire process - from signing up to placing your first order - takes just 10-15 minutes.



Draft's user interface is packed with convenient features located on the left sidebar. The AI-powered 'Content Idea Generator' is notable for its capacity to spur unique content ideas. The 'Saved for Later' function offers a handy space to store briefs for future use or editing.


One of the most impressive features is the ability to maintain a roster of your preferred writers - those with whom you've established a trust-worthy relationship and consistently deliver top-notch content. This function assures a steady flow of high-quality content from your trusted writers.


User experience on Jasper AI


1. Choose a template on the type of copy you’d like to create