Draft vs. Writesonic: Human Writers or AI Copywriting - A Comprehensive Comparison

This article provides a detailed comparison of Draft and Writesonic. Discover the strengths and limitations of both platforms, their pricing structure, and how their content generation process differs. Find out which platform aligns best with your content needs.

Draft vs. Writesonic: Human Writers or AI Copywriting - A Comprehensive Comparison


You may already be familiar with Draft as a highly respected content writing marketplace and Writesonic, a sophisticated AI tool renowned for its exceptional text-generation capabilities. Both provide high-quality content, yet their methods differ significantly.


With Draft, you gain access to a marketplace teeming with talented writers. Conversely, Writesonic gives you the power to guide the AI to produce your desired content. This naturally leads to the pivotal question - which platform is better equipped to meet your business needs?


In this blog post, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between Draft and Writesonic, exploring their features, ease of use, pricing, and overall effectiveness in meeting your content generation goals.


What is Draft?


Functioning as an all-inclusive content writing platform, Draft connects clients with skilled writers. The platform encompasses a broad array of services, accommodating various content types from blog articles to ad copies. Clients can effortlessly detail their content requirements using the integrated brief builder or by uploading a personalized brief. With speed and efficiency, Draft matches your project with the most suitable writer within a day, who promptly begins work on the brief. With quality as a prime consideration, Draft offers free content modifications and rewrites, guaranteeing clients receive publish-ready content within the specified timeline.


Services offered by Draft


Positioning itself as an exhaustive marketplace for content creation, Draft skillfully connects clients with highly capable writers who have been stringently vetted. These writers are competent in creating a wide array of content, ranging from blog articles to advertisement copies. The platform's refined request service facilitates effortlessly consistent ordering of high-quality content from favored writers.


The key difference with Draft is the rapid allocation of tasks. Clients are matched to the best-suited writer within a day, accelerating the creative process. Upholding its commitment to superior quality, Draft offers free revisions and rewrites, ensuring ready-to-publish content within the agreed time.


Maintaining its dedication to excellence, Draft implements a rigorous screening process for writers, guaranteeing extensive coverage of various topics and specialties. With Draft, clients can be confident that their content is 100% human-created, free from plagiarism and available in a variety of formats, including blog posts, web content, marketing emails and more.


What is Writesonic?


Writesonic operates as an AI-powered text generator that excels in creating marketing material including blog posts, product summaries, company profiles, ad texts, and social media posts.


The platform is equipped with a vast array of templates catering to a diverse range of needs – whether your objective is to draft an engaging long-form blog article or devise a well-worded response to a customer review, it effectively erases the daunting prospect of penning from a blank page.


Currently, Writesonic is beneficial for marketing professionals, providing valuable tools to businesses of all sizes.


Services offered by Writesonic


Writesonic offers a suite of products, including Writesonic AI Writer, Chatsonic AI Chat Assistant, and Botsonic AI Conversational Chatbot. The Writesonic AI Writer uses cutting-edge AI technology to produce quality content in 25 languages. It can handle various content types and allows users to set the tone of the content. The tool can also rephrase content, expand sentences, and condense lengthy paragraphs, making it invaluable for enhancing and refining content.


Chatsonic, Writesonic’s AI chat assistant, is designed to mimic human-like conversation, providing users with a more interactive and engaging experience. It can handle requests to generate AI art and images and comes loaded with different "personalities" to mimic different types of people.


Botsonic, Writesonic’s AI conversational chatbot, takes customer interaction a notch higher by providing personalized and interactive conversations. Businesses can leverage Botsonic to automate customer interactions, provide personalized recommendations, and engage users in interactive conversations.


Comparative Analysis


Draft's vetting process


Draft places a high value on the proficiency of its writers, only accepting native English speakers from countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. This dedication guarantees the consistent delivery of top-quality content on the platform.


During the onboarding process, potential writers are asked to disclose their geographical locations and, if they wish, their LinkedIn profiles. This information aids Draft in confirming the writer's authenticity and professional credentials. In addition, applicants are required to provide links to their portfolios showcasing their past work and to elaborate on their copywriting experience and areas of expertise.


Once this information is gathered, Draft's internal team meticulously reviews each application. Access to the marketplace is only granted to those who meet Draft's high-quality standards. This thorough screening process ensures that clients are paired with not only talented but also reliable writers.


Writesonic’s vetting process


You might be wondering, how can an AI tool like Writesonic vet writers? The answer is, it can't! It's important to understand that Writesonic, like other AI programs, is trained on publicly available data on the internet, which is produced by a diverse range of users. This could include content written by non-native English speakers or even nonsensical text.


Consequently, Writesonic can sometimes generate misleading or 'hallucination' content when dealing with specialized or niche topics. In this context, 'hallucination' refers to instances where the AI generates content it perceives to be accurate, but that is ultimately not factual in reality.


User experience on Draft


1. Starting your journey with Draft is straightforward. Simply click on 'Get Started', register using your email and password, and you're ready to explore the platform!



2. Once registered and logged in, you'll find the platform's dashboard intuitively designed for user-friendly navigation. To place your first content request, head to the top right corner of the screen.

3. Next, specify the type of content you need, input a title, select a topic, and set the word count. Remember, the more detailed your instructions, the higher the quality of the content you'll receive. So, take your time to clearly outline your requirements.



4. Before finalizing your order, take a moment to review it thoroughly. An estimated delivery date will be displayed so you know when to expect your content. After entering your payment details and confirming your order, you're good to go! Typically, this entire process - from signing up to placing your first order - takes just 10-15 minutes.


Draft's user interface is filled with handy features located on the left sidebar. The AI-powered 'Content Idea Generator' is particularly noteworthy for its ability to generate unique content ideas. The 'Saved for Later' function provides a convenient space to save briefs for future use or editing.


One of the standout features is the ability to keep a list of your favorite writers - those you've built a reliable relationship with and who consistently deliver high-quality content. This feature ensures a continuous supply of top-tier content from your trusted writers.


User experience on Writesonic


1. Choose a template on the type of copy you’d like to create. Let’s say we’re using the AI Article writer.


When starting out, you’ll be given 10,000 Premium Words on Writesonic. Premium words use GPT-3.5. If you’d like content generated by GPT-4, then you’ll have to pay.



2. Search and select existing articles on the internet, between 1 to 10 articles that the AI can reference. Alternatively, you can upload files from your computer.